Friday, February 20, 2009

23 Feb Cycling Details.

Im like, super super super happy today.

Went for the interview for the SYFC thing, and have been accepted to begin the course to get a Pilots licence! YAY! Well, of course, pending the medical, which has a really high failure rate according to the staff.

Anyway, it was well worth the 2+ hr wait for the interview..
Went to Seletar Airport at 8 in the morning, only to realised that the interview have been changed to 10.30am.

Dint recieve their call as i was too busy playing badminton the other day, so ok.. i waited in the canteen for 2 friggin hours, before being called to the library when the rest of the people trying to get into the program waited. Sat there until 11, before being called in.

Talked some trash, took a long bus and train ride home, and came home wasted. Then while i was talking to gram over the phone, syfc called and told me i was accepted!

Oh yeah, while on the train from Yishun to YCK mrt station ( i think) i saw this really beautiful place (lake or reservoir) with satelites in the background, those who frequently use the train there should know.. And YES I WANT TO EXPLORE THERE ONE DAY!

Played L4D on Garena with gram, then typed out this post. Was supposed to cycle down to Parkway Parade to photograph the exact location we were going to meet but the weather looked too threatening.. so too bad guys, only maps this time.

Ok. I've seen the votes, and have come to piss u all off.. Im choosing the time that no one chose in the poll.. 9.30am. Haha.

Anyway, heres the plan: (in timing order)
8.40am: Tiong Kiat should met me at my house and we should set off.
9.20am: We should have arrived at Parkway Parade and met the people there (those who dunno how to go to ECP Mac there..
9.30am: Should Meet the rest at ECP Mac.
10am: Latest time we set off.

-Turn into Bedok Park Connector.
-Cycle to Bedok Reservoir.
-Cycle on to Pasir Ris Park.
-Cycle to Changi Village.
-Cycle Back the same way last time.

Estimated time: 5hrs?
Estimated Distance:Over 60km.
Estimated falls: more than 2. (hahah)

Ok, so yeah. to SUMMARISE:
Meet at 9.20am at Parkway Parade Taxi Stand. (for those who dunno how to go to ECP Mac)
Meet at 9.30am at ECP Mac. (For those who know how to go to ecp mac.)
Bring Money, buy drinks and shit.
Bring ziploc, incase it rains.
Bring yr IRON ASS. You'll Need it.
JQ, Bring 2 ropes...
Have breakfast at home, or come earlier to have breakfast.'

The New Path.. (click to enlarge it, its super big. you can see it better) (red line is path we take, and yes i dont have a steady hand)

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List of whos coming (tell me in tagboard if i miss out)
-Tiong Kiat.
-Jia Qing

Yup. And theres yet another poll..
Do you want to add Clement along? (seriously)
Answer at the bottom of the page, where the poll is.


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