Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Maxtor 1TB External..

Yup, went down to Funan today to exchange my hot usb cable, and at the same time, got an external HD that has 1TB of space in it. For those who actually have a life, it means you can store 1 million Megabytes of data, or to put it in simpler terms, you can store 2 million photographes in the hard drive, or in my case, 142,856 photos in this.

To put that into an easier to see prespective, i have only took 2,335 photos so far since I first got my camera..

Anyway, here are some photos.

Maxtor 1TB, with 5 yrs warranty


Yup, you saw that correctly, it says "save your life".
I was like opening it, going like "cool 1 tb", turned it around to take it out just to find this sticker point blank in my face, i was like "wtf" (i unconciously said out loud)

Ok, so nothing much after that, rewired the wires under the table, fixed the External Harddrive, and wasted time on the internet.

So since this is such a small post, let me increase its size a little more.

I was too lazy to post on the events of previous days, but cant remember what days.

This was on the same day, where it finally rained (after so long), i looked out the window and saw swarms of birds, all flying in a circle above.. hmmm enjoying the rain?

The dots at the top are birds, there were much much more before i took this picture.

Did not take photos until the last min as before that i was thinking that they would fly past before i got my camera ready, i was wrong, so.. Yeah

Then that night, saw the chingay parade pass by my house. They really looked cool in real life, as in the neon floats and the dark background. What was ironic was that the "boat" "float" was neither a boat and obviously could not float given that it took the bridge over the canal instead. Easy right, then the boat float, while crossing the bridge, broke down and its lights went out, which also caused a traffic jam behind it.. (ok i find this ironic, i dont know about you. i can say i have a weird sense of humor)

Back on topic, which is actually off topic (the original topic was the 1TB gizmo thingi, but the "back on topic" is referring to the chingay parade. Yeah. that parade. Totally forgot what i wanted to write about anyway so heres the pictures below:

Colourful lights for a change..

Boat is stuck over the river, on the bridge

It broke down, while the rest left the boat behind..

Finally got it up and running..

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot to explain why i felt that the usb cable was hot - and no my preferences have not changed after the chin gay parade - The usb cable started to heat up (whith no device at the other end), i even tried different usb sockets to no avail. Its so hot that the outer rubber layer of the wire felt as hot as your clothes after you passed an iron over it. So went to change it for free at challenger (where i bought it).

And the firetrucks, who the hell knows what happened. Or at least, no fire happened, yet 3 fire trucks turned up...

Fire Truck

perplexed firemen

perplexed frogmen

ok so i was too free, and decided to do a few more photos..





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