Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Try At HDR photos

HDR photos?? what are they?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range Photos.

Generally, photographers use them to reproduce photos as close to reallife as possibe. However, many also use it to create those type of "wow" photos, or dreamy photos. They use HDR to exaggerate the colours and light and dark of the scenes.

Whenever you view a picture from a camera, or you show your relatives or friends a place that you went on a holiday, you would usually tell them "hey, its much much nicer than the picture shows".
This is because what our eyes see and what the camera "sees" is very different.

Our eyes can see a larger dynamic range, while cameras can see a smaller dynamic range.

For example, when you look out your window, you can see the cloud detail and the things in the room clearly, however when you take a photo, either the clouds are pure white or the interior is very dark.

Dynamic range is the range of light and dark something can see.

In photography, we solve it by taking 3 or more pictures of different exposure(brightness) and then later, merging it together into one photo in photoshop.

And thus, you get this sorts of images:
my first trys at HDR photos.
Same location, Different angle.
Same place again. Yes this is in singapore. kinda hard to believe.


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