Friday, February 13, 2009

I realised that it has been a long time since i have posted any "arty" shots, like landscape or flowers or abstract shots. I not sure if it bothers you but im not happy with that at all.

Maybe its because of all the activities with the guys that although i continue to post many photos, many of them can be easily taken with a simple digital camera.

Maybe thats why im not happy.. lugging that huge thing around everyday and taking average shots.

I guess I either have to really improve my "event" photography skills to match my "arty" shots, or i have to spend more time alone at some place i have never visited before to take more "arty" shots.

The reason that I cant take arty photos with the guys around is due to the fact that it takes time, and people not interested in photography would be really impatient, like for example, imagine you are in a large group of your friends, and this stupid guy with the camera keeps insisting that we stop every few meter while he examines a common bush to determine its "photographability". How irritating would that be.

If i did not take that long to take a photo, i would have long ago completed taking arty shots of every meter of East Coast already. (and yes, East coast is nice, every meter of it.. its just how to capture it thats the difficulty).

Well i guess it wont be anytime soon that i would take more arty shots, activities with the guys rule the weekend out.. (not that the weekend is good for photography sessions anyway..tons of people will ruin yr shot).

Today, the guys are staying over at wilsons house again and im totally gonna join them.
Yup. We are staying over on valentines day.. i know.. its ... odd i guess.

Maybe thats why Graeme's parents dont let him stay over with us... guess that they really think his gay.. Lol! (and dont come to me graeme.. gabriel thought of this possibility)

Anyway, yesterday gabriel and i had a really funny chat on skype, in which somehow, he started singing YMCA.. like wth.

So before he did that, i was on facebook and i was really liking the new like function on facebook, so i wrote : Gnin is going to like every status he puts up from now on. (or something like that)

Then Gabriel started singing YMCA, so i put there :

Yup, and since i had to like every status i create, it essentially became:
Gnin is listening to Gabriel sing YMCA over Skype - Gnin likes this.
The plan totally backfired.

Then Gabriel went on and on about how shit backfires bigtime.. as in.. shit backfiring.. not "shit, backfired bigtime" as i had intended it.
Then my status spawned a weird convo on both skype and facebook, in which, JQ joined our skype call and asked Gabriel to sing YMCA..hahah

Then we decided to add Darren, which when he came into our convo on skype, hes met with the song ymca sang by us.. hahahahah..

Yeah, then talked with them till 12+ before turning off the computer..


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