Thursday, January 1, 2009

The New Year Continued

After the fireworks, we (3 of us plus my mom, excluding the uncle) decided to do some night photoshoots. These are the photos that i shot. I did not think really highly of them as i couldnt find a nice angle for them, though i believe clement has some...

The Fountains:

The Fullerton Hotel:

random guy from the forum who joined us:
Clement trying to compose a shot of the fullerton (eventually he gave up):

After a few shoots we unknowingly split up and lost each other. It was getting late and i did not want to miss the train home. Found clement behind the merlion and waited until past 2am while he looked for his energizer battery (lol).

Walked to the Train station to realise that the train service ended, then walked to the road and found that every Taxi is "on call", cruzing around until someone Actually calls for a cab. So we walked around for a while until we (me and my mom) decided to walk home instead, leaving clement to try his luck at fullerton hotel (lol again).

Took 1 hr to walk home, with my feet sore and my mind groggy, ate some noodles and slept on my comfy bed like a pig. Poor old clement did not catch a taxi and slept under some building for the night instead...


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