Monday, January 26, 2009

My Retainers...

My Retainers, recently got my bottom braces removed and collected retainers to replace them..

What it felt like with my bottom braces removed?
well.. weird.. like numb

Yea i know its funny.. first thing when that is removed and you say you feel numb.. Yup

Numb. As in like when they inject the painkiller to pluck out yr teeth, then when u use yr lips to feel yr teeth.. that feeling. But not that numb lar..

I guess its because after all the sharp metal rubbing against my lips, it has become used to rough texture, so when there is nothing there, it feels numb..

Ok, so the dentist took a mold of my lower teeth and then the next week i collected my retainers..

The plastic has the shape of the back of the teeth, so it fits perfectly and snugly next to the teeth, while the front metal part also works with the plastic to keep the teeth in position..

i know the photo quality sucks.. but its just retainers.. not friggin flowers!

The metal part is to be infront of the teeth.. while the hard plastic part behind and under the tongue.
Does not exert any pressure, and just hooks on to the molars and stays there w/o moving..

The only thing i had to get used to was the part under the tongue.. it makes you feel like you had stuck yr finger in your mouth.. but after 1 day i have already gotten used to it...

I had to wear this everytime (except when eating) for the next 3 mths, then after that i think i only need to wear it at night for 1 more year..

Oh and why i had to post this.. i thought it might be interesting, i mean tell me would you rather someone post pics of his retainer on the blog or meet yr friend with retainers and have him take it out of his mouth and explain its parts to you...

Also, it adds to your general knowledge..


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