Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year eve.

So, went to my grandmom house as usual, took lunch, watched Big Stan.. which was quite funny..
Then took a bus down to my aunts house, played tennis with my father, somehow improved alot as previously i've been playing tennis like badminton (with the wrists)..

Then took a swim in the rain, ate with the family, and while ppl were dunno doing what, went out with my camera and took a few photos.. Met this ang moh guy which gave us tips on where to take, hahah...

Yup. Collect Ang Paos, forgot what 4 letter chinese words to say to them.. just could think of 4 things.. "oh im so fked" "i want more money" "quick hand it over"

So it usually came out as "er yeah happy new year" or "something something something something.. in chinese" (yes i literally said that)

Lol.. um yeah.. then yea here are the photos..

before going out.. my sister, showing me her "armpit hair" LOL

A tree decorated with lights...

The shallow pool behind..

Lol i just like the scene..

The pool again..


The buildings... (it turns out a lot nicer than in real life)

Sitting on the ledge of both pools, my cousin and my sister..

My sister "positioned" me in this photo.. was not sure what she was trying to this shows the ledge we were on..

Then i got bored of squatting there... Anyway, i like the water to the right in this picture..

my sis might actually have photographic skills! (the whole family directly opposite muz be wondering why my cousin and i were sitting there so emo-ly)

Sister, cousin..

the other cousin, sister..

Thats what happen when u watch tv.. u become damn sian.. which is exactly why i dont watch tv..

my first arty shot of that day..

the flower in the house..

piano in the house...

reflection of me and my sister.. off the panio..

Piano, flower, sister in teh house..

Well and thats the end for the eve..

As for why my blog about me has very little pictures about me, well its part of being a photographer.. almost 0.001% of your shots contain yourself in it..
Plus, the only way you can get your self in the photo is to either have a tripod at hand, or use reflection.. (camera is too heavy to do the normal "stick-hand-out-and-reverse-camera" thing that ppl usually do..

Sidenote: I am going to reach 200 photos uploaded on the flickr account, and it warns me that i wont be able to view the oldest of the 200 photos after that limit.. so i wonder if this blog would be affected. If it is, then bear with me as ill be making another ghost account so that i can continue uploading without problems..


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