Monday, January 5, 2009

Around my area at night

Short post, ahh as short as i can make it ( im very luo suo)

Ok so tonight, felt bored at eight, computer was not entertaining, no one was online playing xbox, so decided to take a walk in the nearby park with my camera and tripod.

Walked to Kallang Riverside Park, walked damn far, took a few photos, and these are the result.


In an vehicle underpass. Was disappointed as the curve of the slope and the direction of the car did not suit me, if the flow of traffic were reversed, it would be much nicer. Also, i realised that the sign is slightly cut off at the corner, well, long story.anyway...

Image of trees, was trying to get the moon too but there was too much clouds, added slight blur and a blue hue, it looks like a painting now.. yummm.. uh i mean.. mmmmm nice..(did not blur much, trees were moving and i had a long exposure going on.. so the trees were orig blur. As for the clouds, they were Red. Ugly red.

outside lavander mrt station, the blocks opposite. All the primary colours! Red Green Blue...

At my old Grandmoms house, the garden. Only a wide angle lens would do this scene good, too bad i dont have such lens... :(

Took a lot more photos as usual, however, most were of lousy quality.

I spent lots of time doing my first try at panoramic photos, however, i dont know which image hosting site does not resize your photos (panoramic shots are very wide).

Unfortunately blogger also does nt support ultra wide photos, so you wont be able to see the pano until i find a willing image hosting website... crap


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