Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Recent Trip to East Coast

Ok Continued from the previous post, packed my bag with camera and 2 lenses plus tripod and headed off to meet Daniel at the Singapore Swimming Club before continuing off to East Coast.

As i headed out the signs werent good, it was drizzling very slightly, but what the heck.

The wind was very strong and on occasions the gusts were enormous, they were a constant pain in the leg, cycling against the wind is like cycling up a constant slight incline, as for the gusts, you can actually feel deceleration.. like braking

cycled at a constant 25km/h (my bike has a speedometer) till i reached East Coast, then we eased off to a leisurely 17km/h.

Stopped somewhere as the tide was very low, and Daniel suggested crossing it to see the "untouched coast".. the place where not even we have explored (and we tried..).
Screw that, im not crossing in that gunk, much less swim back if the tide comes back in when we returned, plus, my bike is too precious and i dont have a lock..

So we cycled on and stopped and took a few pictures. I got to try my wide angle lens with the polariser filter on. At 11mm (widest) it produced very heavy (almost total black) vignetting. (yes yes, im not supposed to do that as its a know fact, but hey cant i experience it firsthand...). Turning the polariser filter changed the colour of the sky slightly, either cooler blue or redder orange.. really cool stuff.

Beach with Coconut trees..

Daniel "exploring" some "jungle"

Then we spotted ------ and decided to stalk -------. ----- was quite good at -----, keeping at a constant speed of 20km/h. It was something interesting and challenging change from the usual bore of East Coast (ive been thru the whole park like hundreds of times already). ----- turned off just before bedok jetty and we were bored again.. (yes im being deceptively secretive..hhaa)

Stopped further up and while Daniel slacked somewhere, i went to take a few photos of the place (dunno wheres that).. (Too lazy to post hdr pictures yet)

More beaches

More beaches

Man Fishing

HDR photos again.. no tweaks this time, just the programs default settings

More HDR photos...

[Well at this point while writing, my stupid HDR program hanged while im creating another HDR photos (i intended 5 in total), but im too lazy to fix it and.. yea. too lazy... so onto the story again...]

Then we cycled back, and took more shots..

Setting sun, wake boarders... (edited the contrast and colour tempreature, made it look redder).

Very very low tide..


Managed to get to 7/11 to buy a slurpee (daniel was constantly blocking me, more like trying to crash his bike into mine to prevent me from getting a slurpee).

Took a few more pictures before the sunset.. then cycled home, split off at the indoor stadium while i took more photos...


Sunset..(processed so that it looked pinkish)

Golden Bridge, with gates...

colour was really red and yellowish due to street lights, i corrected it so that it looks like what i saw. (unfortunately, the top of the spire is less orange than in real life)

where i parked my bike when i took photos there, and yup this is also the first time i have published a picture of my bike...lol

the indoor stadium..

Total Distance Traveled this trip, 28km plus... I'd say this is the just right length for a leisurely cruise..


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