Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oh eventful Friday

Ok.. so its Friday, Chinese new year eve for the schools.. Naturally, me and Daniel want to go back.
But Not for the school.. but because we wanted to disturb the bookshop auntie (as we always did, since back in sec 1).

So in the morning, i cycled off with my camera to meet Daniel at the National Stadium. Naturally, hes late, sipping his stupid tea at home, so i went to his house, pumped by bike and we both cycled off to find Tiong Kiat.

We heard from him that he was working at leisure park Subway, and thought the image of him working in Subway was really funny.. (he was supposed to work as a lifeguard for the hols, but somehow ended up with $4 an hour working at Subway.. of all places)

So we met him, took a few photos and laughed at him, then went back to Daniels hse.

(i dont think anyone would understand why this is funny except if u know him.. or maybe its just us...)

Yup, parked my bike, went to school in 158, got jealous as the circle line mrt station is right next to MSHS.. disturbed a few pri sch kids, went to disturb auntie (but she was too busy selling useless things to useless kids). Then went around the school to disturb the classes, found out that Wilson Yeo was being the MC for the performance later, so hatched a plan to embarrass him. Disturb out old teachers, met daniels friends,then saw SS and we were both like (EY STICK S*X).. Found cardboard and planned to act naked..

random pics, what the teachers do at the back during the ginormously interesting assemblies at mshs *sarcasm* (taken by Jason.. as he walked around with my camera showing pictures of us being naked...)

ahh the shaw foundation hall...

Daniel then "wore" the cardboard with his shirt still on and proceeded to walk around the hall (where everyone was assembling). Lol and everyone gave us looks, then met Mr Kwok (Our Student Development HOD)(I think) and he said "dint bring pants to school? Totally acceptable!" LOL... hes cool

Yup, then got bored and Daniels cardboard got ripped. So we went to get somemore and"wore cardboard" and walked arnd to aunties shop...


She was like (in Chinese) "wa u all crazy already ah, very brave hor" (or something in that line)
It was damn funny lar.. well yeah.. ill let the pictures do the talking again.. (thx Mark Koh for helping take the

(lol i look exceptionally gay with my shoes on..HAHAH)

Well yeah, now that you all have seen it.. youll ask, why we did it?

Its Chinese New Year, and its our old school, cant you do something really fun at the "last day" instead of doing all the normal boring things that everybody does.. U only get a chance to streak in school like.. when u get out of school.. so its like.. every 2 to 4 years... so.. WHY NOT?

oh yea, and we actually wore pants inside (we're not crazy enough to wear nothing right! com'on!)

ok Part 2 next (back to the usual scenic pictures.. not crazy stunts)

disclaimer: we were wearing pants below, not really naked, and this is a boys school, so being topless is NORMAL. If u think this is indecency, think of this: wearing a cardboard box covers 20 times more skin than wearing swimming trunks too.. and consider this too.. if u think its indecent, (which the total area covered is actually equivelent to a 3/4 shorts), you should go check yr own indecent thinking.. what were you actually thinking? pervert... =D

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