Sunday, January 11, 2009

Daniel's Birthday 2009

mmmm.. cake

Yup, Daniel's Birthday. Cycled there (as usual) with a tripod, camera, lens, extra clothes and other random stuff in my small red bag , right after i visited the Singapore Poly Open Hse.

Reached at 4 plus, with tons of ppl at his house, playing halo and poker.

Wasted time there, then people decided to play soccer. Played soccer, then went into the pool to play nothing interesting. Moved my bike downstairs then dried my self and slacked downstairs waiting for the food.

Meanwhile, Jia Qing was making his own costume for cosplay, while Squid was trying to recall the Japanese he had to learn for a nearing test..
Jia Qing and his costume...
Some guy testing Squid through his textbook while squid apparently forgets everything he learnt..

Then i went off to take pictures of the flames (kinda of failed)

A long while later, daniel and the rest finally came downstairs and we had dinner.

Then did a few group photos..
it took really long to organise them..

Then everyone decided to mind their own business and totally forgot about Daniel, leaving Daniel really really lonely..
aww the lonely bday boy...

Naw its fake, i made him do the shot, but we were bored, cuz daniels parents wants me to wait while they gathered their friends to do a group photo (so i had to wait a long time), while Daniel (being the Bday boy) had to be in the photos too, so we were stuck and bored.

So did a group photo of the adults, and smaller group photos.. (dint post all)
they took a longer time to organise than the sec 4s

random couple

Daniels family..

The two hyper active random kids and daniels mom.

Then i hurried off to play tennis but we sucked and got bored..
Halfnaked guy posing..

Then after more waiting, we finally got down to the cake part...
It was really messy and it took real long to organise..
Daniels candles got blown out twice by one of the two hyper active girls.. (i think) and we had to relight them lots of times..

Then we did a group photos (sec 4), and passed my camera to his mom for her to take for us...but i left the camera on semi-fast mode, so she took 5 photos when supposed to take one.. lol

Then it was the kids turn to take a group photo, Jia Hao managed to pass for kids too (he is short) while the kid in the corner with the gun kept pointing its lazer into my lens-straight into my eye... (little devil.. haha)

Then after many false wishes.. (blown out candles), we finally got to cut the cake and then every one was suddenly gone.. So i took a few more pics of the family.. then was the last one to leave..

he looks upon in anguish as his candle fizzles out due to an unnatural gust of wind..

hyper active girl jumping in triumph after foiling Daniels attempt to make a wish...

Daniels moms steady hands... Picture of the sec 4s

A nice picture...(Jia Hao beside Daniel)

The Kids group photo, with Jia Hao in it... (and the kid with the lazer...)

We dint get to throw them but we did get to smash them into Bday Boy's Face..

First one...

Second one...

Third one..


At the lift lobby when most of them were going home, we tao poked daniel.

Daniels father is THE man...


The hyper active girls...

Daniels brother, the looser..

At the end of the party, where everyone snatched for a share of tobleron!

Ok.. for those who wants these photos, you can just right click the photos and click "save as".
The files are 800pixels wide at the longest side. JPEG format at a quality of 68% of the original.

For those who wants high resolution(3504 x 2336), high quality pictures, get it from me over msn.. well if u dont know my msn, ask Daniel for it.

And once again,


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