Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Lens!!!

Bought a whole bunch of stuff at Sim Lim Square with my mom yesterday, which includes a new lens!

From Left to Right: Tokina 11-16mm lens / Hygrometer / Panasonic Toughbook / Hoya CPL Lens Filter/ Multi Tool Kit / Hoya UV Filter / GP Batteries Filter.

Everything was sponsored by my mom! Thank her for my lens!

Well anyway, Laptop was not for me, its my moms laptop. The rest were mine.

As for the lens, i chose the tokina over the other canon lens due to a number of things, which i am too lazy to explain here (not to mention, boring for the normal average joe).

Quality wise, it feels good, the zoom ring does not feel like plastic, feels of high quality, so does the rest of the lens. Only thing that bugs me most over the canon is that it does not have the fast and easy to use focus mechanism of the canon lenses. Otherwise i felt that it is a good buy (not to mention 100 cheaper than the canon)

Opening the box, Lens with Lens shade in a plastic bag, manual and international warranty of 2 years.

Also did take a few photos of my camera with the lens and the other lens (all taken by my sisters camera, poor quality was due to my shoddy positioning, not the cameras fault)

taken with my canon camera, the Tokina 11-16mm Lens by itsself.

My camera with the new lens on

Camera with my old lens at the side

Camera, Canon 17-55mm normal lens, Tokina 11-16mm Wide angle lens

Ever wondered whats inside the camera and behind the lens, here

My camera has a base plate below it for putting it on the tripod, am just too lazy to take it out.
As for the red and white dots on the camera mount, it shows you where to connect different lenses. Inside the camera theres a mirror which flips up when a picture is taken, exposing the shutter behind it. Thus the loud click sound. a softer click sound is the shutter, which opens for a set amount of time to expose the sensor, capturing the image.

Well so thats it for this post, maybe when the weather permits, ill cycle out to east coast to try my lenses out!


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