Saturday, January 31, 2009

CNY Monday

OK so I dint have time to sort the photos taken days earlier, and thus created a backlog of blog posts that should have been posted earlier..

So this post goes back to Chinese New Year again, but on Monday instead. Just wanted to share some pictures that i took that day.

Mainly went there to visit my grandmother, then as i was playing Battlefield: Bad Company on the Xbox many other visitors came and went. Then the old neighbour came with 2 children.. the older one which i have known and played with since he was a baby, and the baby, which looked just like him when he was young.. hahaha..

Baby comes into the room, and picks up the controller..


Chiew chiew chiew - he pretends to play

Giggles as he looks up to find me behind the camera clicking away..

He's irresistibly cute - My sister sneaks up on him..

whos that? - the baby notices her

Run away from the pedophile, there the chair should do it!

No Effect on pedophile! *screams for mommy*

Brother is not happy! Baby inturrepted his game!

No backup? Must think of another way *gives a determined look*


From these pictures, I realized that babies (or toddlers) actually have tons of expressions, all crammed into a few moments. A single picture wouldnt be adequate to capture everything. whereas when taking pictures of older people (as in normal people that are not babies or toddlers), they tend to do the same fake smile and "cute head tilt" over and over and over again. Its boring and overdone. You only need one picture if u keep doing the same thing, come on people.. do something different for once..

well yea.. a bit out of point but theres a rant.. and its what blogs are for right.. where all the crazies/zombies/lesbianies/gaies post their weird thoughts (or for like those emoist to air their blue thinking its cool. its not, so stop your bull.)


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