Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh Eventful Friday continued.. continues..

After dental and all that crap in the previous post, we went to have dinner..
Originally we planned to have dinner at Cafe Cartel in City Hall, but it was being taken over by Mcdonalds (grrr!)

So we went to the basement to look for food, and took a long time before deciding on the restaurant that surrounds the other fountain in the basement (the newer fountain).

Ate some and left for the indoor stadium.. The food was actually good, and service too (kinda of high class type)

Anyway took a train to Kallang to Q for the shuttle bus to the indoor stadium. (there was actually a Q about 100m long of church ppl, plus the busses were like coming at about 4 busses per min (those big coaches)

Got to the indoor stadium, got bag checked (not really effective as i was not allowed to bring cameras but the guy jus passed me off as he dint dig deep enough.. i had 2 games on top of the pile in my bag).

Took a few photos that i dont think is worth it to post.. realised that it kinda of got boring after Praise and Worship.. Dint understand the show they were trying to act out (something along the lines of little Nonya.. or whatever its spelled).. i dont follow tv shows so i couldnt be bothered.

Daniel came in with my guitar (arg) and that stupid guy inturrepted my show (not that i was really bothered by it anyway). Had to pass my mom a tag to reclaim my guitar while i walked home with Daniel to get my bicycle from his house..

U see the original plan was that (starting from the morning):
-Cycle with Camera and meet daniel at 10am at stadium
-Cycle with him to Lesiure Park to disturb Tiong Kiat
-Cycle back to his house to park my bike
-Take 158 to sch frm his house and arrive at sch bout 11am
-Disturb Auntie and disturb teachers until friends arrive
-Leave sch and go for dental
-After dental go Indoor Stadium watch random stuff
-After indoor stadium walk to daniels house to collect Bicycle and guitar

Turned out almost the whole plan was screwed by him (waking up late screwed the timing, and he extra go bring the guitar to indoor stadium while my bike was still at his house)

Anyway, cycled home and left my cameras at home, then cycle back to help my mom carry my guitar and we walked home from there..

Well thats the end of Friday.. And this is the first post where i described 1/3 of my day without pictures.. well how u like it?
Sucks right... But u should be used to it anyway as most other blogs are like that...
Lol needless to say, there will be very little of these posts in the future! (unless my life really gets boring) CNY next!


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