Monday, January 12, 2009

O Level Results :(

13 points, 12 with cca's help.

9 points L1R4 with cca.

Bad in my opinion.

I was aiming for 9 points, worse case scenario 12.. totally busted both.

The waiting for results wasnt as bad as i would imagine, i could compare it to the nervousness i had when i was about to have chinese oral..

Worse thing was, my geog killed me... 3 points. It was supposed to be A1's, having got straight A1's for it since sec 3.. or sec 2.. Story is my geog is supposed to be my best subject, but it totally went wrong.

The only thing i can celebrate is for both my maths, for the whole time in sec school i have been failing or barely passing math, for the prelims i got c5 for a math and b4 for math. For the o levels, w/o tutionings or whatever, i got both to A2's!


So now, i have to find the next school and course to be in. Have already decided that Singapore Poly would be good, thought of either the courses Aeronautics Engineering, Environmental Management or Civil Engineering (however e cutoff points for C.E. is 20pts, scared mix with those...)

I know, my results of 9 pts is overkill for those courses (mostly bout 14). But its not about getting into the course, its about how i fared for the exam, and imo, i let myself down and did real badly.

So dint really think about it and the random courses today, and decided to go cycling at East Coast with Daniel (which did not have to worry at all as he was already accepted overseas.. damn him!)

Took my camera and lenses there to take photos of sunset there, more of it in the next post...


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