Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oh so beautiful, my lovely void deck

My sister have always been trying to get me to take photos of the river downstairs, but i've always been too lazy to. Until one day, the marina barrage finally was in operation, the river was never the same again.

It used to have tides, sometimes so high it is within 3 steps from the top. Now it stays at 1/2 the level.

The water used to be greenish blue, now its dirty-green.

It has changed alot, the place was much more beautiful when the tides came in, whereas now it never does.

A few days ago i decided to get off my bum to get a photo of this river (in its boring state). Since the water was never going to be nice again, i decided, taking long exposure photos at night would help hide its hideousness.

As you know, i recently got my tripod, and since long exposures help smooth out ripples in the water, i decided to give it a shot. At the same time, i decided to bring along my sis.

Its kind of weird bringing your camera around, it attracts unwanted attention. Plus setting up a tripod somewhere, it attracts lots of curiosity from passerbys(though luckily they did not stand around me). I set my tripod and camera at the bank so that the river was straight, took a few (a total of 4) shots and left. Results were ok, however it was unfortunate that it was drizziling, and my lens caught some raindrops.

the Results:
First Picture, caught water droplets in lens tho, shame. Should have also put a longer exposure, the river was not as smooth as i wanted to, also the lights were distracting.mmmmm...

Vertical shot, over exposed, can see grit in the river, also slightly slanted. (was rushing to get the shot, dint set up properly)

Well so i quickly packed up and went under the shelter. Most shots were out of focus, as i had a hard time finding the focus in the dark (the bridge was much darker in real life)(i focused on the bridge)

I thought it was a waste of time to just pack up and go home, since my tripod was already extended and my sister was downstairs, i decided to do some self-portraits with her. Ill let the pictures do the talking.

Fact is, Downstairs looks uglier than that, but thanks to blur...(i used timer for this shot)

Yellow Telephone?
well, i dont know why i shot this...

Downstairs Pawn Shop
infront of a pawn shop, there was something special about the bars and the old tiles with the red signs, but was unable to capture them properly (wasnt spactacular)

Same Shop
this shot looks like those newspaper article photos about some random sucessful business man.. haha

After that we packed up and went home. Did not think these photos were really special, but its just something to write about.

Yes, and you cannot believe pictures you see in brochures, if it looks nice in it, it probably looks worse in real-life.

Pictures are not photoshopped, just resized to 1200 x 800 at a JPEG quality of 70% of the orig


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