Sunday, January 18, 2009

ONE°15 continuation ...

Heres the continued version of the previous post, where i promised HDR photos and to show the level of detail in the photos..

HDR Photos Aglore!

Of the bridge, i took this because the sun rays were impressive.. (havnt quite mastered the art of HDR processing yet, as there is some ghosting on the buildings and the water sucks..)

Outside my house...

OK heres the Detail part thing i said.. Most of them are their real sizes, 100% crops. This means that i did not compress or stretch the photos, but i just cropped them. So what you see is what you get if u printed it at 100% size..

Cropped from all the bird photos, notice the feathers, individual feathers with its stem and the "hair". Some parts are slightly blurred as im using a very small depth of field, thus some its quite soft.. but from the large picture in the previous post, or from your point of view if u were there, you would never see the individual "hair" of the birds feathers... my point is, 8mp cameras are already high quality enough...




Ok, so why so little HDR photos again, cuz the program im using sucks and keeps crashing.. plus i have to go out soon.. so yea.. not going to post again....

Oh yea, and due to my blogs border being 900px wide, and also due to me not resizing the picture to keep it as detailed as possible, the sides are a bit cut off, but don't mind it, nothing really important is at the cutoff sides.. so..enjoy..


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