Thursday, September 30, 2010

China Day 11 - Shopping

Today was a good day, though it didnt start out as what i would have liked.

I woke up at 7am, and thought, ahh, wth, ill go back and sleep.. Since i have always waked up at 7.40am, i still have another 40 mins of sleep..

Apparently JQ woke me up again at 7.40, telling me that he was going out already, so usually, ill get up then and start preparing for school, however, this time, i dont exactly remember why i decided to sleep more.

So the next time i woke up was when my group leader and JQ burst into my room telling me to wake up. I thought it was a joke. Hahaha

I was still in a daze, and part of my mind was still trying to look for sharlenes skirt, cuz i dreamt that i was in her room. Lol

I got out in like 2 mins. It was a record. But i never been this late before, and when i finally got up on the bus at 8.22 (the bus should leave at 8.15), everyone in the bus clapped for me.

Gosh how embarrassing

Nonetheless, school was tiring as usual, but i was really fresh cuz i found out that i could bring tea to the classroom, so i brought some down from the canteen..

JQ was shocked at the amount of coffee-mate i put in my tea.. (i was trying to make milk tea using coffe-mate).. haha \

Anyway, it kept me awake even though everyone was falling asleep around me.

I had plans for this night, and it was to go out and shop by my self since i hated being in groups. That plan was foiled when the teacher assigned us by groups. So i was stuck to the group for a long time and couldnt go around by myself.

So i basically brought them to where i shopped earlier on, then we broke up into smaller groups and me and another guy went shopping. We walked really quick since he was looking for specific things and we skipped a few floors. Saw a lot of things that sharlene would like, or i'd like sharlene to have.. haha tempted to buy a lot of unnecessary stuff..

Then after that it was back to the hotel, but not before having my dinner, eating a 60Cents stick of lamb that is so damn nice, that i'd consider going back there just to buy it again.


No pictures, unfortunately, cuz i intend to go out alone initially and didnt want to get mugged.


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