Monday, September 27, 2010

China Day 7 - Shopping

Its sunday, and today, the class is split into 2 groups. The majority wanted to go to a theme park (costing some 35 singapore dollars), while the rest of us, seeing that its not worth it, decided to go out alone by ourselves..

Since we were incharge of our own plans, we only woke up at 11 plus and took the 12.30 shuttle bus out to town.

I woke up late so was frantically running around asking the receptionist and staffs about the various shopping areas and stuff..

Luckily, one of my group members is quite fluent in chinese, so i grabbed him from his little chat group in the lobby and got him to translate what i wanted to say. hahah

What i found was 2 additional shopping areas that we havnt heard of (its mostly for locals) and also, i found out a place full of warehouses that sell stuff.. Hmm so its all good, as i have many more places to go already.

After that, when we boarded the bus, no one was quite sure what the teacher had planned to bring us today, so i asked him and he told me it was this old shopping place full of antiques and shit.

and im like thinking, oh sian. So i told him about my plans to go shopping and also, since the new shopping place is quite close by, i told him that we could visit that place after we finished the antiques place...

So we walked the antiques place, and it didnt really entirelly peak my interest, it was quite boring. The place just had lots of custom jade or stone stamps, (those chinese type), jade seals, lots of painting shops and brushes. The pace was slow, and i was impatient, heh.

We finished walking the East street, but now we were looking for food, we walked on further, till we found a decent looking place to eat at. We passed by many shops on the way, but they were dingy roadside shops, and we didnt want to get a stomach ache.

The food wasnt good. I ordered beef and potato rice, but there was like 95% potato and 5% beef. It wasnt really a good stall anywawy..

After lunch, we walked back the way we came, as the teacher wanted to visit the West street now, i couldnt take the slow pace anymore, so i decided to form my own group and go to the shopping place early.

Me plus JQ and Jasper split from the rest of the group, and we headed off to the shopping center.

We didnt really know where we were going, so we wandered around, when we reached the place, emerging from the subway exit, it was quite an amazing sight, before us stood a few shopping malls, from high end looking ones to low end looking ones.

And what caught my eye was the pedestrian bridges. It was very large and had open air escalators. It was the first time i have seen escalators in the open air, i always thought they werent really weather resistant.

The first mall we went to was full of high end shops, so we went outside, slightly demoralised, but we aimed for the older looking buildings across the road, so we went there.

On the way there were those street stalls, and we shopped. It was good shopping, and i bought a nasty singlet. Juicy coutoure shoes were going at 5 singapore dollars. wow.

Jasper bought a watch for 10 singapore dollars, its a really nice watch, and we managed to get it down from like 20.

After that, we visited the ajacent shopping mall, and boy, it was a Girls heaven. 5 of the 6 floors were girls stuff. And we still shopped like crazy :)

We all agreed that it was a good shopping mall, better than the one at the famous silk road.

After shopping, we went back to the silk road place to catch a 8.30 bus. Nearly missed the bus because it came too early. Luckily, we all managed to fit into the bus, as it was already filling up quickly.

Went home, plopped our stuff down, and i got ready to upload the pictures of the loot. heh.

Anyway, it wasnt a really long day, but it was definitely a good day. I realise that whenever i split from the main group and form my own little group, we always get to see more things and have a better day than the rest.

oh wells.

As usual, photos will be uploaded later :)


speak September 28, 2010 at 4:15 PM  

Glad you have fruitful shopping. Do buy more of the shoes if you like it. Do spend more on GOOD food.

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