Monday, September 27, 2010

China Day 8 - School as usual

Today happened just like any other school day, and i have nothing much to talk about, or share about...

We started on a new topic today, and it is going to take us 6 days to complete this topic. One of the longest topic during this course.

We are learning about the engines now, and the proper maintainence of the engine. Our teacher assures us that what we are learning, is the same as what the people in the real world are learning, as engineers for the pratt and whitney engine.

Im quite flattered. We are just still students. And we already can say that "hey, i know how to maintain that engine". And at the end of the day we would have a certificate that proves it.

Fantasies aside, theres nothing much to talk about. I didnt take pictures the whole day till at the end of the day, after im back in the hotel room.

The sky was beautiful with a wisp of clouds, and planes were landing at the airport.

So i took the opportunity to take photos of planes. and they turned out quite well..

It was so nice too, when the sun shone into our room, but because of the limitations of the camera, i couldnt take the scene because either it looked too bright, or it looked too dark.

Took some pictures from JQ's camera too, cuz i was lazy to change my camera lens to a wider lens. will get those photos from him later...

Other wise, that was the day.. a nice resting day..


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