Friday, September 24, 2010

China - Day 5 AND MY 200th post!

Another day of studying "ACE".. I thought it was going to be another dreary day, however it turned out to be quite interesting..

People still dozed off in the morning,as we were still covering the theory part of the topic.. however, in the afternoon, we were made to play this simulation, much like some managing cost game in facebook..

We were split into groups of 4, and then each person was incharge of 1 imaginary company. The 4 companies work together to produce products.

We were given a chart which listed the most pressing problems that are hindering our work effiency, and within turns, we are supposed to distribute resources between our companies to create the highest efficiency and a good output of products within a certian number of turns.

Competiting against other groups, my group was the best. :) hehe

was quite fun.. everyone was awake and telling the teacher that we didnt need breaks. Nobody slept in class at all...

The other only notable thing that happened today was how much i got frightened when i realised that our schools teacher, is going over to the other OITP students in Tianjin. That means we would be cared for by Vicky, some staff from the training center..

and from the first few impressions of her, i dont really like her at all, as she is quite controlling..

So i was really afraid that due to the majority of the students in my class wanting to go to a useless theme park on saturday, and the zoo on sunday, Vicky would force the rest of us to follow..

Luckily, i quickly clarified with the overall incharge teacher from the training center, and got a green light to go anywhere i wanted as long as contact was maintained.

PHEW. I cant imagine going through the rest of the stay here in beijing Restricted to where a bunch of monkeys want to go..

Came back after class, slept a bit, while JQ went with others to gym.. hmm, sharlene called me :).. and we talked a while.. Then went back to sleep and then went out with JQ to have some beef steamboat.. didnt take pictures cuz i felt lazy..

hmm its odd that its rare to see pork around. odd. I see lots of stalls selling roasted ducks though..
and thats pretty much it..

I feel like playing sims now.. hehe... hmm gonna upload a few photos first though...

this was the score board for the game, we were the americas

the fish bone diagram . we crapped everything out.
surprise butt sex.
people playing tai ti on the bus..

sorry for the abundance in flower photos. its just unavoidable since its everywhere..
ohh, yeah. happy 200th post to this blog. lol.


speak September 24, 2010 at 11:02 PM  

Keep it up Americas !
Hey, ducks . . . Peking Ducks ! Go Try them. My friends say can't beat those in Singapore, hahaha.

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