Wednesday, September 29, 2010

missing someone..

Although i havnt been talking about her in the previous past blog posts, it doesnt mean that i have completely forgotten about her. for the way i write blogposts while overseas, i try to recount what has happened during the day, and i gets a bit cold, since i dont put any thoughts outside of what subject is being discussed.

But for those who want to know, shes always constantly on my mind. Whether it is during breakfast, school, during practicals, dinner, and at night. Every small fragment of a memory with her, would replay..

Most of the times, its the simple advice of, "come back in one piece". Others are more emotional, like the last time we danced together, or that day in the cash exchanger stall. Sometimes its calculation, of how long more can i stand being away, and ill imagine the week without each other, and then become sad.

1 month is a long time.

The more cheerful memories are the more recent ones. Her playfulness and mischeviousness, even while on skype with her. Her constant attempts to make me like gay/fat/hairy guys, or nasty pictures of fat people wearing sexy clothings.

Others that really makes me smile is when i imagine her sleeping soundly, or doing any other mundane activity. The peaceful smile on her face while she sleeps, or the look of concentration when she is at work, makes me smile easily.

And without fail, those memories would always make me smile to myself.

Shes a special girl, especially special to my heart. I love her, and it doesnt change, just like how she will always be special to me. in her own lovely ways. :)



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