Thursday, September 23, 2010

China - Day 4

some ACE exercises about efficiency. bleah

The day started like it has always started for the past few days.. The sky was still blue and the wind was chilly, but the sun is warming up the place nicely.

Todays lesson was about "ACE". I cant really remember what it stands for, but the jist of this thing is that is is based around a proactive work attitude. Somewhat like a bussiness model.

Solving problems before they happen, determining the root causes of problems, and working models to ensure effiiency and increaase cost effectiveness..

Business.. sigh, i never like business...

Class was long and draggy, and the only reason why we all looked forward to having breaks is because we could have uninterrupted sleep..

Yes, it was so boring i think EVERYONE slept in class at some point in time. Most of the time, 1/4 of the class was sleeping. The class was deadly silent, with everyone busy trying to stay awake.

Maybe it was combined with the fact that 1/2 the class went out to shop yesterday.. hmmm

Tomorrow will be another day of this "ACE" lessons... oh boy its gonna be a long long day.

Truth be told, the things taught in the ACE classes are actually quite interesting. They teach you how to solve problems systematically, so that you wont go into loops that never answer the question at hand.

Many different methods are used, and are usually simple to understand and implement. Charts such as elephant charts, fishbone charts, marcino charts and russo charts all have a very specific application to different sorts of problems..

Theres just so many charts with funny names, that its sometimes quite confusing. What happened to the simple business model of just looking at your income and spending and going by gut feeling. bleah.

Far by, the most annoying method to solve thing was the 5 whys method. Its called 5 whys because you ask so many whys. (and its not limited to 5)

hmm lemme think of an example..

background: Our company manufactures fan blades. Another company manufactures shaft. Our fan blades are perfectly fine, but the other company's shaft is not to specification. So essentially, its not our fault.

lets see how the 5-whys turn it into our fault.

Q: Why did our company allow defected parts to be sent to the customer?
A: Because all our quality assurance measures did not detect the defect
Q:Why didnt they detect the defect?
A:Because our product meets all our specification, however, its not compatible with the other companys shaft.
Q:why is it not compatible with our fan blades
A:because the other company shaft is out of specification
Q: so why didnt we figure out this earlier?
A: because we always thought that we should be concerned about the quality of our products only
Q:And why is that so?
A:because our company only cares about the quality of our product and not the satisfaction of our customer
Q:why do we only care about the product
A:Because our company bases costumer satisfaction on meeting date lines and providing quick service.

yep. So its our companys fault now.


Everyone decided to rest for the night, as the teacher suggested, since everyone was so wasted today.. Only me and JQ wanted to go out to shop..

The teacher also wanted to go out too, cuz he needed to buy tickets to go to tian jing to ccheck up the other OIPT group of students that he is incharge of..

Reached the hotel, packed to go out again, and left at 5.10pm. when we went downstairs, the bus to the city had just left. damn..

So we took the shuttle to the airport and then trained to the city instead. The sky was beautiful on the way there, however i only had my wide angle lens with me, thus i couldnt get the sun.

But it was so huge in real life.. gosh how i wished for my zoom lens then..

The trains werent as crowded as before, but it was still squeezy. heh. and how easy it is for perverts to thrive.

My right hand was twisted and wedged between jia qing's bag and some china woman. but i didnt know it cuz my hand was like behind me and i was facing away, so i tried to wrench my arm free but didnt realise my hands were there till i felt the bra.

then i thought of sharlene. and how i wont bring her to china. haha.

She didnt react at all.. so i guess, being groped is part and parcel of taking public transport in china.. heh.

sick. Did i tell you that china men had bad breath. I'd rather have a multi-racial load in a train than one filled with china men talking.


We shopped, but it was quick and fast. We checked out rifle scopes, electronics, and some necklaces, before time was running out and i had to quickly skim through the tailor shops. bleah.

We were rushing cuz we wanted to take the 8.30 shuttle bus back to the hotel. And the next bus wouldnt come till 10.30, which was a bit too late..

So we shopped for 1.5 hours, with the .5 hours spent looking for food.. to no avail.

Slept on the bus ride home, totally knocked out. hehe...

When we arrived, JQ suggested we walk to the supermart to buy some maggie, so we walked there, was tempted by the roadside food but they were quite ex..

Returned home hungry and not too happy. today wasnt fruitful at all..

friday.. pls come quick. i cant wait to pass the 1 week mark. saying 3 weeks more to go is less depressing than saying theres still 4 weeks to go.

f1 in singapore this weekend.. hmmm


speak September 24, 2010 at 6:48 PM  

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