Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tall and Skanky.

Started today off with Electrical tech presentation about transformers. Jumped at the chance to go first since everyone would be doing the same topic, for 7 times.

Turned out to be the wrong choice though, as the teacher surprised us with 2 questions. tsk.

So the other groups took their turns and he also asked several questions. All of us werent expecting answers from "hum sup". Tsk.

Probably screwed that up anyway, though at least i have gotten full marks for all the written and practical things so far, so shouldnt hurt that much.

Finished the class, then played solitaire throughout e material lesson before having lunch at Koufu, then leaving for the ONOW trip to pulau tekong to the BMTC(basic military training camp).

Walked about learning about the training and equipment, food, facilities and stuff like that.

To tell you the truth, it looked quite comfy there, even the camps at st john island were worse than what was in this camp.
Tried army rations too. The snacks were great (i mean really nice. like oreo. ok maybe a little less nice. tasted like tasty protein biscuits.- you know, the one lewis eats while he pumps iron). the main meals taste like mshs canteen food. Not that bad, but assuming that you were going to eat that for 2 years, well, its still bearable. i was in mshs for 4 years.

The bunks were also big. i'd swap the army bunk for where im sleeping now lah. i dont even have a designated cupboard at home, the air con is rarely on, and my "sleep area" is the same as what is in the army. plus the bunks had mattresses as thick as what mattresses are supposed to be like.

The fitness test stations are state of the art. situps are counted by some machine, so is shuttle run, 2.4, pull ups. those junk. all machine and electronic cards. Too bad, you cant cheat now. but wth, to pass pull ups you only need to do 6.

bmtc is not as daunting as it seems anymore, and i look forward to it somewhat, not because i enjoy long marches and tough training, but mostly because after that id get to play with live ordnance later on. :D

Dont mind getting buff in the process of that. Furthermore i regard the 2 plus years in the military as some sort of a long outdoor adventure. and as you can see, im more of an outdoor type, so i guess, wont be too sad to leave the distraction of facebook for 2 years. maybe after that i would learn to spend my time more wisely with the time taken up by facebook. (doesnt everyone want that).

Anyway, got dropped at expo and went back home without much incident.
Tmr is CRS presentation for the other grps, so maybe ill post some pictures here later in the day!

Yup, the title doesnt have any relevance to the post at all.


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