Saturday, August 1, 2009

3rd Wakeboarding

That was on Wednesday.

I was supposed to be the reserve poly 50 runner but since everyone was present for the poly 50, i was free to go wakeboarding with Wilson and JC.

There were only 2 people wakeboarding on wednesday so i decided to go on wed instead of friday. It was totally awesome cuz there was really little ppl on the boat and i think we got more time to ourselves. We ended really really early too and that was good. Too bad our club has lots of people now, so its impossible to get another chance like that in the future.

Nothing much eventful in wakeboarding. Wilson crossed the wake to the other side and was doing esses there, while jc crossed the first wake. I only did s curves on the normal side and did not cross any wake. Damn. Ed (our trainer) was really taking things slowly for us this lesson. Ryan, who havnt crossed the first wake was already doing ollies (jumps) and lewis was already doing wake jumps. At that rate wilson should have been already doing ollies or wakejumps and i should have crossed both wakes already. But i guess he was taking everything really slowly this time.

Nonetheless it was really fun. I feel that wakeboarding is getting more and more fun now that i have learnt to control my direction and junk like that.

Anyway. here are the pictures taken...
thats JC.
The military were having some exercises there, so while wakeboarding we could hear gunfire and stuff. totalyl cool.
if that happened i would be going like "wtf" and "sian".
wilson likes to look gay.
wilson going thru the boats wake.
i really like this shot. like chilling on the wake.
gotta wear longer pants next time. cover up my "cyclist thigh"
going towards the wake.
wilson likes so slide down wakes.
yup, doing s-curves on the other side.

yup. thats pretty much it.

Took some pictures outside my house later that day. it was absoutely beautiful. I only added vignetting and brightened the picture.
Thats the aleovera flower btw.


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