Thursday, August 6, 2009

Small update.

Had a not so normal day today. Wore office clothes to school as i had this CRS(Critical Reasoning Skills) presentation up today. Teamed with one of the worst teams possible to be teamed with, haha with both slackers Farid and Lewis. Though it turned out Lewis was a bigger slacker than Farid and Farid wasnt as slack as i would have thought.

Train service got slowed and was late for school for 20 mins. Didnt mind that at all since cprogramming was boring. What i was nervous about was the fact that we had not even finished our presentation slides yet. Hahah, total last min job.

Presentation wasnt really bad, though everyone stammered a bit too. And whats up with people asking questions not related to the topic at all.

Brought my camera today too, and soon enough, people started using a particular word and the counter started clicking (Inside joke).

Yup, i'd say im more of an expert on finding entertainment on the net though... :D
Clement turning into a Joel.
camhore with the other group presenting.
they said that i looked like some old man in this outfit. tsk.
playing cards to burn off the 2 hr break.
playing lame miniclip games.
Wei Jun is not as guai a kia as i thought.
well, yeah.. thats lewis.
thats the class..
thats hongYi doing some weird dance. (check out Zhank Kun in both pictures [the guy in white], how does he sleep like that)
yup, people rarely pay any attention. and this is a diploma plus class. feels like MSHS all over again.
like mshs too, gay dudes posing for gay magazines.

After class, we went to koufu to eat, then later, me, Farid and Clement(my classes clement) went to FC 6 as we were bored. Wearing our "Camouflage", we walked around checking girls out until we got lost and had to circle the place 3 times before we got our bearings. Lol, its damn obvious these chee kok peks arnt frm business school lah. hahah. feeling like loosers, we went back to our natural environment in the all guys engineering school where we later had our math lessons.

Tomorrows thermofluids lecture and E materials, and as much as i like e materials, its hard to resist the urge to pon both of them useless lectures. damn.
taken today. missed the beautiful sun while i was scrambling to get my camera. tsk.
shot this the day before. didnt really like the composition as the flower was too tall so i could not get more building into the picture.
FYI this is actually the flower of an aloe Vera plant. Yes, they do have flowers.


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