Sunday, August 2, 2009

1st Aug. Fireworks.

Yeah, absolutely beautiful.

Didnt regret going out even though i knew we wouldnt get a good spot as we were late. We as in me and clement, which at the last min i decided to get him to go along.

Didnt go with the sp photography club ppl either, as they were always in big groups and junk like that. Dont like big groups.

Anyway, reached raffles place mrt and promptly got lost through the maze of tunnles. Had to spend some time walking back to our original spot at the field outside The Sail just to find out that the field has been closed. So i walked to one fullerton and found a somewhat good spot there. Got some photos of the 7 o'clock show then waited for clement to arrive.

Really like the afterburners.

the fireworks platform. check out the cakes of black powder and magnesium.

the gun salute.

The ferrari 360 spyder... i think.

i like how the line squiggles.

Wasnt really happy with the spot we had as it would include the IR construction site in our shot, but had no choice and had to squeeze with the crowd there.

Waited and setup our tripod and before we knew it it was already 8. The fireworks came at 8.30 though, and it came out at the wrong side. We were expecting it to be near the stage but in fact it was almost right over us. Shifted out cameras hastily and got them shots. Unfortunately for me, i framed it properly for the first few fireworks but then they started launching the fireworks that exploded higher up in the sky. So some of the fireworks i took was cut off at the top. But at least it was not as bad as clements, who's lens couldnt go wide enough and most of his shots were painfully cropped out.

Nevertheless we managed to get tons of keepers (that means photos that we dont delete), and was really happy with the results of the day. Shooting fireworks isint as daunting as the first time anymore.

After packing up, we somehow had the urge for ice cream so we headed over to the esplanade to find some but only found Hagen Dazz, which had its 1 scoop going for $8. Overkill. Had the idea of getting a cheap tub of icecream from carefour in suntec to we headed over there. On the way there we passed this steamboat place that was emitting really really really good smells. Too bad it costs 25 bucks. damn.

After walking around drooling at food we could not afford, we finally settled at the food court. So while clement ate his korean food, i went upstairs to get a tub of coffee ice-cream. Yum.

We walked about marina square looking for the damn 7-11 and sat down to compare photos. Then later got a ride home from clements mom.

what a nice day, where i totally forgot all about my work, projects and the damn exams. Sigh if only all weekends were actually real weekends.

My first firework shot. perfectly composed until the real fireworks cameout somwehere else.

yup. see the top part. cut off.

i really like the gold flakes thing.

really really like the gold flakes.

arg cut.
lol i like this shot. courtesy of clement kicking my tripod while i took the photo.
check out the heart shape at the top right corner. so nice.
perfect. ok lah. maybe should have held the shutter button longer.
i really like this part of the show. they were just mass spamming these things. the sky was full of sparkles lah.
its really hard to take too as it gets overexposed too easily. well at least i learnt from the last time i took fireworks. dont be too greedy.
another nice spread.
yup, it was full of this. we had one of the best views in the area. being right under this. absolutely awesome.


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