Sunday, August 9, 2009

The good Saturday.

My mom got some free tickets to the show "GI.JOE" so we went there in the morning to watch it.

So heres another rare movie review (since i rarely watch movies) for you guys. (of course, with as little spoilers as possible)


Knew it was a stupid movie before i even watched it. Though the action in the trailers were actually quite nice. Reviews have also put a better than average rating on this show, so i decided to give this show some of my patiences.

Not going to give a rating on this show though, im just gonna tell you whats stupid and whats not. Numbers are really subjective and hard to be consistent in.

Anyway, the "plot" (no spoilers) of the show is that GI.JOE is not some mexican dude but is actually some special forces group, which 2 of the main characters managed to join after showing their skills (and they instantly become the best gi.joe) This 1 joe knows the "bad girl" in the show, thus gets some strings pulled to join the elite grp. And they are out to stop the bad guys from using this new weapon on the world. blah blah blah, very basic template. Intro action, intro characters, more action, guy trying to get girl, complication, reaction, a really really lousy twist in plot,guy gets girl then a lousy ending.

Of course, there are always girls in the show, bad evil geniuses that have scarred face and breathing apparatus. the whole usual junk.

The story of the show could have even been made up by some pri 6 dude. It is just there to fit the characters, location and action.

To summaries, the action is good, but the story is riddled with inconsistency and ridicule, same can be said of the characters. One part of the show even saw the bad "ninja" running around with what looked like a green squirt gun which is supposed to be the damn weapon of mass destruction. Yes a damn ninja. wtf. Lets not even talk about basic physics this stupid show does nt obey. hello? Ice float and mini subs do not fight each other with the agility of planes. Balistic missiles fly straight and true. And a part where there was supposed to be tension was caused just because of the difference of language.its like watching batman having sex with the joker with "exciting" music, and its supposed to make you feel like there is some crisis going on. (ok maybe my example isnt really a good one. lol)

Anyway, watch this movie for the action, and maybe the girls. But just be totally ignorant when it comes to the story or its many inconsistencies, and youll enjoy this movie quite well.

This show is made for people who do not like to think about the story, or whats going to happen next, during the show.

Moving on, we ate at astons before going down to the newly opened swee lee at katong. Since they were having a 44% discount if you bought 2k worth of stuff in a single reciept, we decided to go and check stuff out.

Returned with much more than i wanted. Oh man i feel so spoilt.

its kinda of obvious.
more and more obvious.
Yup. oh man how am i going to make it up to my mom...
the amp.

Yeah, i must have the best mom in the world man.

I vow not to buy anything related to my hobbies anymore... i feel so sinful. =( =D


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