Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Patterns, oh patterns.

Yeah, i know its somewhat outdated but hey, its still considered as content.

Anyway, like last saturday, i went out with an old friend from mshs math classes to help him with his photography assignment. Something like what Joseph had to do. Patterns and stuff.

So we met at bugis at around 3.30. (we were supposed to meet at 3 but i was late.. like even though i live 2 mins away by train.)

Did not have a clue on what to do or where to start actually, as im not into pattern photography. Nonetheless, we walked around the back alleys and eventually walked all the way to little india.

Bird. One of them was taken by ken, and one by me. The photos were split 50 50 as ken used my camera instead.

One of the old cars seen behind hotel 81. nasty.

The chrome trim.

Lol this part was funny. We were like trying to take picture of this roof, when the station started spamming announcements. "please do not loiter around the station" "please do not eat and drink in the station". One right after another. Im really quite sure it was directed at us. hahah.

Tombstone for gas. awww..

around the singapore river. i've actually learnt a few things during this outing. Like i would tend to focus on the pillar closest to the camera, but photos with the focus further away can also be nice. (yeah sounds silly but i tend to do that)

For some reason, i was having a craving for roti prata when we walked along the back streets of indian food stalls (with their kitchen facing the back). It just made me super hungry.

Did not stop for food though, we continued walking and decided to take our chances at raffles place instead as the sun did a no-show. (the sun is really important for pattern photog).

Took a train down to clark quay and walked along the river hoping for some good photos. But again, the sun did not help at all, being behind the clouds all day.

The sunset sucked as it was hidden behind clouds. Ended the day by eating at this japanese restaurant that was quite similar to ajisen. (not to mention burning a hole in my already non-existent pocket).

looked cooler in real life.

Colours of life. i guess.

so we walked down this underpass, and this guy was "playing" the guitar. he was like playing 2 notes repeatedly, without any rhythm at all, and it totally sounded horrid. this was taken with a wide angle, totally good for taking pictures of people without them knowing. (its really wide, so you think youre out of the frame of the picture, but actually, you are in the perfect placing in the picture.)

this shot looks nice yet ugly.

the clouds roll in.

some suggestively shaped graffiti, of which im sure graeme enjoys.

Met Nick Lim around this bridge too. Really funny as he looked totally lost or something. or so it seemed to me lah. totally unexpected to see someone walking alone around this area. hahah

and you wonder why.*gay*. no lah. hahah. its basic courtesy really. People ask for help, you help.

stupid courtesy shit. gonna make me look gay on gnins blog.

gah, i could have done a lot better.

The fullerton. How i wish i had a fish eye lens then.

i really like the plasticky lego feel.

down there. (yeah, i brought my tripod too.)

hell yeah.

Photoshopped by ken. i really like it.

the imposing red telephone.

Even though this trip was utterly unproductive, i kinda of enjoyed it more than other photographic outings i've been too.

I guess its the fact that nobody is competing with each other for who could take the best photo of the day (like what i feel the other photogs that i meet at outings do.). I look forward to doing another photog outing with u again ken. hahah.

wilson short hair
yup this was wilson, in sec 3 or 4. Totally gay right. (photo courtesy of darren)


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