Sunday, June 14, 2009

NZ Day 0

Im finally back (not that im happy with that), from that really short trip to New Zealand.

So, for the most of next week, i would be hammering out post after post about my days in NZ. Hopefully i do remember what i did there (you know, sometimes you forget stuff then remember them again a while later.)

With that, im going to start off with the "first" day, which i started by playing captains ball with some of the guys at this captains ball event that Gabriels church organised.

Met with them at tiong barhu station before rushing off to the bus as beaver was late.

Drove to some moe sports hall thing that i went before in p5 then played captains ball with the various other age groups in gabriels church.

Yup. Its beaver, me and wilson..

with gaybee and his soft feel...


and noelle. and another guy that i dint get a picture of. hes like in our team but dint really get a chance to talk. like totally gayho.

Yup. even at church events there are gay shenanigans.

like gabriel here...

saluting to some obviously disturbed dude.

and uriah here, adding another piece to his personal collection at home...

or the other gay dude... (yeah hes not really gay actually, like gay in my blog actually means not gay but acts gay.)

which gets pushed over when gabriel spots him...

well, you dont want to know what happened. especially what he did with the whistle and the stop watch.

oh, and here, uriah tries to redeem himselve by trying to prove his straightness by chatting up some random girl.

but we all know at heart what his preferences are, and we pray hard that he goes back to the straight ol' path.

It was quite fun and somehow our ragtag bunch of random people manage to get 2nd.

Was super tired after the end of that, and we went to some food place near gabs church to eat. It was not bad, and some of us went for seconds. By then it was getting late so i left them and rushed home to pack and catch my flight.

Of course, we must not forget to pray for wilson. who, after announcing his impending sex change a few months ago,

is now going all out for it despite our efforts to persuade him not to..

and sure enough, im up to no good.

lets just say the bus went over a hump too fast, causing me to jerk too hard. nasty.

Barely reached home in time before leaving again after bathing, for the airport.

Checked in and spent some time inside terminal 3 taking pictures before we were called to board our flight.

my sis and her ugly sunglasses. hahaha

the tail section of the 777s parked at the terminal.

the sky was a nice blue

zoomed in at a taxi-ing 777, too bad for the reflection off the viewing glass..

the wheels of the aircraft, and the chocks (wedges) that keep them stationary.

The inflight safety video.. hahah

nice eh... shot in the cabin from my seat.

and we take off from runway 02L. (which means that we are taking off into the wind, at 20 degrees on the compass, towards malaysia, on the left runway of the airport :D)

looking down the runway.

takeoff run, long esposure...

It was already dark when the plane took off. I was busy snapping pictures out the photos with my camera, taking the airport taxi way signs and stuff like that.

in the air, just above pulau tekong. i think.

we were playing with the lights, intending to irritate our neighbours.hahah

The pilot announced that there would be turbulence for the first 2 hrs of flight and sure enough, there was turbulence. I guess it could be called medium turbulence as it was more rough than the normal light vibrations. Total fun.

Me and my sis were like going 'wee' everytime the plane does a sudden drop while my mom wasnt totally looking so good.

In the small lull of turbulance, my mom went to the toilet with the puke bag in hand.Me and my sis thought that she was just being the usual singaporean - going to the toilet to get freebies. hahaha.

So we were surprised when she came back and told us that she had motion sickness. hmmm.

Anyway, ate sum lamb airline food and couldnt really sleep for the rest of the journey. The sky wasnt completely dark as the moon was full, so the sky was a really nice shade of blue.

airline food.

Didnt really do much during the flight actually, and the only other thing notable that happened during the flight was another plane flying about a 1000 ft below our plane in the same direction and speed.

quantas 747, on the same heading and speed.

nice view outside.

with a tail wind of 100km/h, we were going really fast, at 1001km/h.

another airline meal before we land...

dawn breaks.

detail of the flap, or aileron. its not exactly horizontal.

Managed to get a picture of it and confirmed my initial guess that it was a quantas 747 jet.

Dozed off for 2 hours near the end of the flight.


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