Monday, June 1, 2009

BandAGE 09


It is finally finished!

My days of hard labour has finally bore fruit. And im soo happy.


im not.

and it has not bore fruit yet.

But anyway.

Nope. I'm not dead and neither have I been abducted by an alien curious about it's own existence.
I have, in fact, been incredibly busy the whole week, hence the obvious reduction in updates.

Yup. That pretty much sums up my week. Spending most of my time planning this band competition thing.

Meetings with my 2 other fellow "directors" and our teacher to discuss stuff. Planning things, deciding on the rules, trying to get sponsors, writing proposals, creating blogs (of which i totally soloed since i stupidily used this same account to create the event blog.).

Im proud of my work. So should the rest of my classmates. Although the marketing side did not really do much as we 3 did most of the work. Lol.

Ahh anyway, please do check out the event my class is planning.

Details in this blog.

Hope to see you there, either competing or just watching. :)

(and if youre wondering why the somewhat first paragraph of this post sounded familiar. well i copied it directly off Gabriels blog just to piss him off. like hell yeah)


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