Monday, June 22, 2009

NZ Day 3

day 3, and this time, i slept till 12.

Got ready for the helicopter ride but we postponed it to the next day as the weather wasnt good enough for us to land on a mountain. So today was somewhat free. For some reason my sister had an urgent need for the internet, so we drove down to the town for her to use it at some internet cafe.

the slope was super steep. like what, 40 degrees. more like 45 - 50. this photo just does not cut it.

mountains everywhere.

planned our itinerary for the day in the car with my mom for 30 mins, before we had to drive away from our parking lot as the lot only allowed free parking for 30 mins before you had to pay.Drove around and eventually picked my sis up.

we had decided to drive to the town of glenorchy, of which the road ran beside the lake for most of the entire time. We had expected the road to be really straight and stuff but it turned out really windy.

Got my chance to 'help' again and it was really fun.

The scenery this time was really different, with constant elevation changes, and sharp turns along the lake cliff. Really scenic. Too bad the sun was setting already, and it was really hard to take pictures as it was getting dark. We took some video too though. Super nice.
stopped at some point and took pictures. the road was really curvey. drove just like in a game.

one of those treacherous merged roads.

we were really near the clouds.

this road goes along a lake. beautiful man..

the road had lots of these too, cliff turns or something.

too cold to bother getting my wide angle out.

looking back the way we came from.

it was drizzling

part of a panorama that im too lazy to stitch.

check out the road. thats what i call elevation changes. ok fine. not really. but it goes really high up and really down low.

there were videos when we drove back too but its with my sister and im still too lazy to get it. maybe when im done with this newzealand series then ill find the time to post all of those.

Decided to turn back as we did not want to drive in the dark along these difficult road.
The fact that the roads went some what into the clouds and it was raining and it was also
really cold, i was afraid that there would be ice on the roads.

Furthermore along this road, there were some areas where the road merged into a 1 lane road, and it curved around sharp blind corners. Totally scary as to let 2 cars pass they had to pass really really closely. (not to mention we saw some large trailers going really fast on that road).

On the way back it look really different too. with the darkness and the trees canopy creating this sensation of driving into a dark cave. Totally fun and scary too.

Arrived back in our room somewhat tired from all the exciting things during the trip.

nice colour, nice cupboard. lousy composition.


well we were tired. but it was still fun do jump on beds that do not belong to you.

and superman that ho.

Went out for food again, and spent some time looking for food again before settling on some beef place. The Beef was nice, cept the fact that it wasnt seasoned at all. but nonetheless the texture and stuff was still really nice. like in its all natural taste.

cool stuff there.

and they had this weird medieval deco going on. totally suitable for darren.


shopped at the nearby mart for a while before arriving back in the hotel. next day please!

a happy can of squick!

a cool way to store condensed milk. easier to eat straight from it too!


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