Saturday, December 27, 2008

the things to come

Well first off, i really have a backlog of things i want to write about, but have been unable
to overcome my couch potatoness and self procrastination (or procrastinating to yourself, you know, when u walk here and there talking to yourself trying to decide on something)

Yup, too many other things to do, or what seemed more fun to me at that time.

Anyway, there's lots of things to write up on, as i said before, and im going to spend the next few hours typing these past events out for your reading pleasure.

Not in any order, im going to write up on the following:

-My new tripod
-Shopping for lenses with clement
-Night out downstairs
-Night photography
-Game review* (pending my writing content)
-Songs*(pending my embarrassment)
-Recent packing of my house*(pending more embarrassment)
-Bintan trip*(pending lack of photos,YES, I KNOW, IRRITATING)

Of course these will be backed up with photos, well most of these,
Though what u see above is just my thoughts on what to write up on at the moment of writing this post,
so current enthusiasm levels might not be the same when i actually BEGIN to write them.

Stars mean pending, more pondering, halfhearted attempts at more blog posts.

Anyway, im not keen at all in writing up bout the bintan trip as i do not have enough photos to back it up, so it
will be difficult to tell you about the experience i had.

As for the game review, im intend to "review" a mod for this particular racing game.
Rfactor is the game, MMG 2007 v2.1 is the mod. If you prefer arcade racing game, then you would
most likely not share the same opinion that i have on the game.

Well thats it i guess, time to begin more typing...


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