Thursday, December 11, 2008

Not Yet, mate..

I'm Back!

Though the sentence above does not deserve the exclamation mark... i've been back for 6 days already.

Yep, all the time i've been too lazy to update my blog, u would think.

Well, yes and no.

You see, in the previous blog post i promised pictures of sunsets and whatnot in Bintan right, however the place turned out to be not what i expected (lol), and the "resort" *cough*, was facing the wrong directions.

Example: Sun sets inland, sun rises out to sea.

Since most beautiful skies come from sunsets, and since the sun sets behind some relatively tall land (as in hills). I was not able to take pictures of sunsets there.

The next obvious thing to do is take the sunrise...

Well the sun rises about 6am Bintan time, i woke at 5.30am, and saw some spattering of colours in the skies. In my tuckered out state, i thought that i had somehow missed the sunrise, and had sauntered back to the cozy bed.

The second morning, i woke up to find that the sky looked the same as the previous morning, however, seeing my neighbours in their lawn chairs with cameras, i decided to stick around until the sun really rises.
However, due to the cloudy conditions there, the sun was fully hidden by clouds and as a result i looked like a really stupid fool sitting in the lawn chair with a Big Camera trying to take pictures of a non-existent sunrise while shivering wildly in the morning chill.

Well so, no pictures of the sun in Bintan.

Then is the deal with pictures of the resort and what we did and other random stuff. Well that will come later once i am able to get permission from my friend, to go to his house, and collect the pictures from his camera.

Yup, pictures from His camera.

I have to admit, that i'm way too choosy with my shots. Problem is i expect every shot to be a shot that has potential to be a desktop wall paper, or something perfect. Perfect angle, exposure, depth of field, etc. Furthermore my settings for my camera are not on the auto mode. That means that its not a Point and Shoot camera, i still have to tweak the settings.

Thus i miss lots of shots as I'm too busy tweaking stuff, make my subjects irritated for taking too long to take a photograph and more. Mind you i am a noob at photography still, it doesn't mean that i am as good as those pro photographers when i get a pro camera, i start off at the same level as any other random yahoo on the street.

I have to change my mentality then, i have a tendency of not taking photos if the picture would not turn out nice, thus losing lots of pictures that would have otherwise contributed to my recount of the whole trip. I must learn to take candid shots.

So because of my fastidiousness, i have to borrow my friends photographs to help aid the holes in the absence of my camera and shit.

Thus ill have to wait for a time where he is free to be able to post a full story, which i cant tell u when cuz i dunno when he is free.

So since theres nothing on Bintan yet, i guess i should tell u about my other wanderings...

Ok not really, im too shagged to recount another story with you so ill just post a picture that i took during that trip to satisfy yr needs.

note: this photo's quality is dumbed down to 50% of the original. Original .RAW file size is 7mb
Oh and the preview on blogspot does not do this picture justice, click on it to view it full size unless you have an ancient internet connection, which would take centuries to load.


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