Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The "first" post.

Why the inverted commas around first, you would ask.


The truly first post starts somthing like this:"Lorem ipsum dolor sit..."

Gibberish, just a place holder while i tweaked the horrific mess of words some call "HTML".

Talking about tweaking, i spent about 3 hrs of figuring out how to change the various colours of the blog thru CSS codes, when all i had to do was click the layout button and set the colours.

ahhh well.

So to hell with the editing of colours, width and height of squares and borders, and screw the jelly like words that took too much of my time, im going to do what i had created this blog for:


Simple, post a picture, type out a writeout for it.

"So... Any first post pictures?"


Unfortunatly, due to time consuming, useless efforts aimed at making the blog look nicer, (not to mention the ever present factor of lazyness), this blog has been published at a time where the author (me... for those who were wondering..) is going to Bintan for a holiday. In fact, tomorrow. So the [javascript=$NumberofVisitors; disp=0] faithful visitors that have been so kindly visiting my blog since 1999, please be patient and i promise that you will be rewarded with the following:
  • photos from bintan
  • pictures of sunsets without the use of tripod
  • blurry pictures signifying chronic hand wobble
  • and more unintelligible gibberish as placeholders!
Now isnt that a Deal!

Ahh thats all for now, hopefully i would remember to come back and carry out the promises that i made above, (pending perennial laziness) and get back to you soon.


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