Sunday, October 25, 2009

Semester 2.

The first week of school was kinda of hectic already. I think its mostly because of the diploma plus course im taking. It just takes out so much time.

Instead of a slacker semester that i was expecting, this sem has more hours of lessons than the previous sem.

No thanks to taking stuff that normal students would take in year 2 instead. Namely Engineering Math 2. Calculus 2 just keeps on getting harder too.

A welcome change is in our computing classes though, we have Computer Aided Design instead of C Programming. I like more "visual" things, like CAD, while C Prog was more of imagining what would appear then type out the correct lines.

My days all still starts at 8am. And nowadays, it ends later too.

GEMS sucks i think. Im not really interested in the subject (i took Personal Finance Management) and have to wake up at 8am on Monday for it. Oh well, might as well get the "Business" criteria of Gems out of the way in my first years then go on to more interesting gems later.

SYFC's gonna eat up my saturdays, wednesdays and fridays. Pretty much everyday im friggin busy. Just found out that my flight instructor is one of the strictest instructors around, so i really have to work much harder just to pass and get into the next phase. God help me.

The only way i can find relief from all the work load now is through the daily skype sessions. I just totally love you guys on skype.

well, thats pretty much it. How my first week went. Quite sad really.

Oh that, and i'd now be blogging less often. Like the only free days would be weds, fri or sun. Like total sianness.

how am i gonna do my many other hobbies with so little time :(


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