Monday, October 5, 2009

All 75GBs of it.

Im aiming for a double update today, since its like one of my more free days so like. yeah.

Yeah, you know that helicopter that flies around the f1 circuit getting really good looking footage from above. yeah, apparently they made a base at the grass patch in front of my house.
i like how you can see the exhaust.

Anyway, im just gonna fill in what has been happening for the past few days.

Well, starting last wednesday, i had this workshop in school from 9 to 5 till Friday. Joined that workshop since i thought it was related to my cca stuff, which is stage management, like adjusting the sound and generally managing every equipment on the stage during a performance.

Anyway, turns out that the workshop was actually teaching you how to improve your stage performance. Felt kinda of cheated really, but that feeling quickly went away as the course was actually quite interesting although i had no interesting in performing at all.

Turned out pretty well after all really. Didnt regret going for that workshop after those 3 days. One thing that stood out during the course was how easy it is to come up with some stage act with people who are actually interested in these theater performing stuff. Its so different from creating a skit with people from say, an orientation camp.

Anyway, that junk.

I cant remember when i went to play basketball, so im just gonna put it in here. Sharlene was on a run taking pictures of asses that day.
Gay para-para.
Played halo after that, everyone being zonked out and what not.
The difference between a halo 2 player and a halo 3 player. The placement of the index finger.
i wanna learn to play bass. Muse is awesome.
CVNT. thats what the shirt says.
Totally owning chris at br battles.
Big surprise.
yeah, wilson is queer.
Dont want to play with wilson. This is what happens.
Graeme just had to sit behind chris. Gabriel totally stripping at the back.

Then i had my second syfc briefing on saturday. Woke up and left the house at 7am, took 133 to boon keng station, then on to seng kang station, then to bus 86. The journey took 1 1/2 hours. sigh. Gonna be making many more of these trips in the near future.

Briefing wasnt as boring as the first one we had, as we actually got to learn stuff related to the aircraft and its operation. I actually enjoyed it though, and it just made me want to start playing flight sim again.

Its pretty much the same as flight sim i guess, just that in the "real world", they called decimal "dey-ci-mal", while in flight sim, they just said "point". Other differences were that you had to say four as "four-er".

Other wise, ATC (air traffic control) procedures were quite the same, so i had little trouble keeping up. The only thing that worries me is the checks that are to be done to the aircraft. Theres a whole book that you had to memorise, consisting of external checks, pre start checks, starting checks, after starting checks, pre taxy checks... The list goes on.

Well, i dont do that in flight sim. Its kinda of tedious. So thats what im gonna be working on for the next few days then.

Sunday was race day, F1 GP in suzuka, in Japan.

Have really enjoyed the track layout after playing for some time in rfactor with graeme, you've gotta appreciate the rare tracks that are not designed by the f1 track monopoly-designer hermman tike guy.

I was expecting more overtaking than what was happening during the race, so being bored, i switched to the football channel to watch the rerun of a match between man u and sunderland.

Yet again man u was struggling. sigh. Well at least they drew at the last min.

Went out with Gab to simlim again, and this time i bought quite a few things.

Went to get a western digital 1 tb hard drive. and accidently bought the green version. tsk. Oh well, at least i can expect better reliability. or maybe ill just get another 1tb and put it as RAID setup.

Yeah, geek talk.

Got a flight sim too. This game called x-planes 9. Was actually researching on it in the morning, and there were good reviews about this game, generally being less of a performance hog than flight sim x, and about the realism.

Was thinking about ordering it online later as i thought singapore wouldnt have such games that are non-mainstream, but guess i was wrong. Found it in simlim for 61 bucks, so i snatched it up.

hmm, think of the content to price ratio. Microsoft Flight Sim X costs around $70, with a size of 8gb. Well, this game costs 60, and it takes up 75.3 GBs of hard drive space.

Yes, no typo there. 75.3GB of space. My 1TB would come real handy.

Then we went over to Bras for gabriel to buy another guitar pedal.

So we then returned as happy boys on bus 80, with a thigh crack to stare at all the way home.

The 1TB hard drive, My newly delivered halo book, The game i borrowed from gabriel, and that other flight sim game.
yup, all 6 dvds of it.
I havnt really looked at my comp for a long time now. hmm kinda of old now, feeling like upgrading again.. man, 1 yr ago this setup was really high end lah. Now its just peanuts. sigh.
And since i was experimenting with flash and high shutter speed. I took this picture, which made it look like i took it in the dark. Nope. I had my lights on in the house.


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