Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Digital Workflow.

Wonder why i always bitch about posting blog posts on the same day as an event? or how i always talk about having to take 3 hours to complete one blog post?. Yup, maybe through this post, you'll see why.

So i start off the "day" by transferring all my photos from my camera down to my computer, which usually takes about 10 mins to complete as each picture averages 7mb and on average, i take about 200 photos per "event".
ScreenHunter_01 May. 20 19.50
and if you're wondering what am i doing talking to "gaybee" "princess hanablah" or linnette, well, Gabriel is under the name Gaybee, JQ is princess (yes, rmb, my weirdest friend) and Graeme is using his sisters computer for some reason.
During that long 10 mins, i might start to do a writeup about the events that happened in blogger, but i usually only complete one paragraph due to the really distracting conversation going on on skype.

The transfer completes and i import them to this really useful program called Lightroom 2.

ScreenHunter_02 May. 20 20.26

This program helps you sort files really easily and "tag" them with keywords so that its easier to find them. Kinda of like a photo album, just that its much better and less chunky.

So i import them in, then begin my long sorting process, in which i decide what photos to delete and what photos to keep. I usually start with a quick run through, blurred photos are deleted immediately (unless its a photo on a really important "event" that would tell a good story eg. wilson acting really gay or something.)

ScreenHunter_04 May. 20 20.35

Then i'll move on to ugly photos, like photos that are not nicely composed or stuff like that. After that, its down to useless photos. Photos that do not tell any story at all, eg. camwhoring pictures. That said i usually keep 1 or 2 photos every person present (even if they are camwhoring), otherwise, its down to the bin.

All in all, i usually end up with 50% of the photos that i have taken. (previously my "keeper rate" was 30%). This usually takes 1 hr, or if a skype conversation is going on, it can take 2 hours. haha

The final time i move through all the photos taken again is to pick out whats suitable for the blog, like pictures that are funny and captionable or pictures that are nice. This is usually only 70% of the photos that i kept so far, and is also one of the hardest process as i have to keep it below 60 photos. (more on that later).

Editing is done to the photos that i would post, most of the time i would use lightroom to brighten or darken the image. Sometimes i would induce vignetting, which is darkening along the edges. But thats about it.

ScreenHunter_03 May. 20 20.34
this picture required some brightness tweaking.

ScreenHunter_07 May. 20 20.40
this picture had its saturation or vibrancy reduced, and i introduced some vignetting.

Exporting the finished photos to a folder, at a reduced size of 820pixels on the longest side and compressed to jpeg form, the size of a photo now is a mere 100kb, max. Then ill upload all the photos to my many flickr accounts.

ScreenHunter_08 May. 20 22.09
selecting all the picked ones and exporting them.

Uploading takes a long time, as my internet totally sucks, thats why nowadays i usually upload them at school, as its incredibly fast there. (this induces a one day delay as i have to put them in my laptop and go to school the next day to upload it).

ScreenHunter_01 May. 21 08.10

While uploading, i would start the blog post and start going through the photos again to see if i can crap out any caption story and junk like montages.

Once im done uploading, the tedious parts comes. I need to open all the photos in flickr in tabs, then click on a small button, then i would be able to link it to my blog post.

After reordering the pictures, the steps repeat itssself... Find suitable place for picture, Copy link, Paste link, Caption picture, rinse and repeat. Total bore unless i suddenly come up with a funny caption story that would induce a burst of laughter from me and consequently inducing comments that im watching some gay shit from the bunch of people on skype. Hahaha

ScreenHunter_01 May. 24 15.42
the mundane task.

A final read through and then triumphantly clicking on the "Publish Post" button with an intense sense of achievement before being shot down by Gabriel when he spots a spelling mistake and burns away my self esteem.

After that, gabriel will do some weird voodoo and upload the pictures to facebook, where the tagging frenzy starts and your inbox gets spammed.

Thats it, 3 hours gone like that. Now dont rush me to post your stupid pictures.

Yeah, and im also finally back from camp. Will blog about it on another day when i find the pictures and time though.


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