Monday, May 11, 2009

Back to the Barrage...

Long time since i've updated again, was too busy playing my ass out to bother about blogging this time. I ENJOY my weekends lah. Totally slacked for the whole weekend. Sunday was supposed to be spent going out to this "Nerf war" event that JQ was going to, some kinda of war game where they play with guns that shoot foam darts. Really cool, but was too lazy to go all the way to Woodlands to take photos.

Thus i spent it going out with Joseph and his friend instead.

It was kinda of impromptu outing as i did not plan to go out with joseph in the first place. Anyway, got his message asking me about how to go to the marina barrage. Gave him directions and found out that he was going there to do his photo assignment. I immediately jumped at that and decided to meet him there.

Reached there and met his friend, someone i kinda of knew through one of the "joseph bashing sessions" that usually occur on joseph's face book statuses. Anyway, was kinda of weird cuz she didnt talk much.

Cool thing is, she uses this film camera windy thingi. Totally cool lah, and if you dont already know, (or maybe i didnt state here before... hmmm), i really respect people who take pictures using film. (ill not go into details why cuz its potential content for another post later...).

Walked around marina barrage and snapped some pictures, wasnt really productive actually, as i felt kinda weird going through my normal photography "mode" (which involves lots of time wasted positioning myself around a certian object of interest.)

Joseph was there to take pictures of patterns or textures. I was there for fun (and not to mention, to post more nice photos like i promised), and im not sure why josephs friend was tehre for. Hahah.

didnt think that joseph had a really productive day anyway, as there is really very few textures or patterns in the marina barrage, as its more of a place good for scenery photography than for people taking textures or patterns.

ok fine, enough yada yada and onto the pictures then..

getting down with hoseph. (like jose, which is pronounced hoese) and josephs friends windey flim thingi in the background..

theres a ton of people flying kites there, and its bad to go there on weekends. Tons of people.

lol ok for the record, im not a pedo. Yeah, and too bad the kid ccovered her face, shes like so happy that there is kites around. (yeah, marina barrage on a weekend is good for child photography. (omg sounds so pedo). Yup, Uriah, this is your heaven.)

should have captured their shadows too.

kite flyers..

told joseph to capture this for texture and maybe pattern. (he didnt), ok lar, i dont think its really any pattern at all lor, im just not good at those types of photography lah.

something that i really cant remember how or what i took anymore. (i dont even know if i took this vertically or horizontally.)

they opened the "dam" gates and allowed water on the inside to flow out to sea. totally cool lah

the water was flowing so fast that its waves appear like this. really cool.

purposely underexposed for this shot.

i like this bridge thingi, this is the second time i took it already...

grass.. pebbles and flowers..

yeah, it was crowded.

shot with my wide angle. the skies just lovely.

joseph likes small boys.

the sun was setting...

the IR construction site. Too bad i did not pan right enough, if not the photo would be nicer.

the city shot from the top of the barrage.

Didnt stay for the sun to set as it was getting late and i did not think there was any more nice photo opputunities anymore. Oh how wrong was i. The sky turned a lot nicer when we left. what a waste (plus i brought my tripod for nothing) Oh well, i guess another visit to the barrage would suffice soon enough...


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