Monday, May 4, 2009


Omg i really want an electric guitar now. like totally UGNH lah. (impossible to spell out..hahaha)

Today was somewhat fast. Morning was a boring class about electrical technology, which i totally had to try hard to stay awake. After that, there was workshop class dealing with thermofluids.

We did some experiment with this machine that has a belt over this rotating drum. Its supposed to show us that energy cannot be destroyed and that the kinetic energy becomes heat energy.

Totally useless machine imo.

Anyway, we ended really really early at 11am. Totally cool.

On the way out i passed by the cutaway engines again (they are on the table) and realised that they have a crank beside it. Turning it causes the parts inside the cut away engine to move. TOTALLY COOL. (hey i love knowledge.)

Ok i know, no pictures. i suck. I wonder if its ok to take pictures of the engine cutaway. i mean, they sure say yes but once they see my Big camera sure got objection one. sigh.

Anyway, our thermo teacher is like totally "cool" lah. Our group got stuck on this question and we asked the teacher. He just totally stared at the paper blankly, then after a while left without speaking. Lol almost as if hes totally clueless.

Later we managed to get him to explain stuff to us, and i couldnt hold my laughter in because hes like telling us what we did not need to know. (as in like, we were like how to convert g into KG.F, then hes like "you know how to convert g into KG right?" then we're like "yeah we know that but how to convert into KG.F". Totally funny lah)

Left early and we had almost 4 hrs to kill. This is becuase our math class at 2 to 3 got canceled and our class ended early at 11am. So from 11 to 3 we had nothing to do. So we called our math teacher and managed to shift our math class to tmr.

Our joyful celeberations were shortlived however, as we soon realised that tomorrow, we would essentially have 4 hrs of CALCULUS!. Omg.

Ended the class and ate with part of the class while the others went to act hunky and go run. Went to Iyves home to play his electric guitar! Totally fun man. I REALLY WANT ONE NOW.


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