Monday, May 18, 2009

Charlie the Unicorn.

Yup. This is what i've been up to. Dressing up heads. haha nah just kidding. This is my sisters "head". she has yet to do anything to it though and its like taking up space. doh.

Ok, today was kinda of boring. Morning lecture was only 1 hour long. So we wasted our time at Koufu till the next lesson, which was thermofluids workshop session.

Was our groups turn to do this large experiment thing, where we had to plan our own experiment and stuff like that. Took us quite a lot of time and also was quite confusing.

Then we had 3 hours of break which i completely spent playing cs with 3 other people.

Math was just going through our homework that i bet many people didnt do anyway. Sigh total waste of time today.

After that, went to funan to buy some earphones. Realised that my budget of a $10 in-ear headphones was really unrealistic and decided to settle on one that looked really nice to me.

Burnt 40 bucks, which is about 1/3 of my allowances for this month (yes, my allowance is pitifully small). Anyway, quite pleased with it just becuase it looks good. Not sure about the sound quality yet though, but i dont really care as its just for my laptop and times when i use it in class.

awww. sooo nice.

Going to Jaben to look for good ones didnt come to mind until i reached the mrt again. Sigh.

Back to yesterday, which was pretty much spent eating stuff. Planned to wake up at 5am but didnt set the alarm, so didnt manage to get up and carry out my ambitious plan (cycling to changi beach to catch the sun rise).

Woke at 10am and did some thermo revision, then took some flu pills as i was getting one from eating too much silverfish last night. (yum) Then discussed with Joel over msn some really large event that we are planning for school. Finished with that and played my way through till 4 before i slept as i flu got worse.

Yeah, then woke and went to astons at suntec to have dinner. Arrived there surprised as there was already a somewhat long queue. (it was only 6pm) Got in and ordered steak while my sis ordered the wagu or something. Tasted really good but it was really oily (as in the wagu, as it is supposed to be).

The time was already past sunset so i decided to follow my sis to mellinia walk to take some photos. And i tell you, that place totally creeps me out. I dont know why, but i guess it has to do with the weird design of the buildings, having huge vents for no real reason and plus the place was really really dark. Was in no mood to take photos cuz my sis kept trying to scare me. hahah.

Its actually quite a lot darker than my photos make out. (remember the magic of exposure?)

yeah, the weird vents. The wide angle was not even wide enough.

lol, in real life, i couldnt even see her face. she was like totally black.

Since i wasnt really into taking good photographs, we went to candy empire cuz i had a sudden urge for that green strip of candy soury thing. Got a bag of that plus 1 gummy bear.

The girl at the counter suggested getting the cheaper packaged version of the green strip sweet, but it would mean loosing the gummy bear. Haha. Apparently we took really long to decide, aww man, the girl mus be thinking what a weird bunch!

Went home and played rfactor with Graeme and JQ after that.

And of course. I watched CHARLIE THE UNICORN. Freaking random. freaking funny too.


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