Wednesday, October 13, 2010

China Day 27 - Hectic

Its close to the end of my OITP and im so looking forward to going back. I'd miss a little more things here that i initially said i would miss though.

The Shopping, i love the variety, The food/healthy breakfast, I like how without fail, i would eat eggs and watermelon everyday. Especially watermellon, i have it almost every meal. The Ice cream from the cafeteria. I love the fact that it is free flow.
The good, non humid conditions, I hadnt had a flu since getting off the plane.

I'd miss all of that.

But nonetheless, these are not everything.. I cant wait to get back to my loved ones. I cant wait to see the familiar faces again.

Well, i know i havnt been blogging much, Its because im too busy shopping, or too busy resting. Its mind boggling to write a blog when youre knackered from a whole day in school then lots of shopping, its just nicer to sit infront of the computer, and absorb information rather than tell it.

But the days are ending soon and i only have so little time to shop, so i guess, ill have to go on shopping marathons already.. god, i hate staying so far from the city..


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