Monday, October 4, 2010

China Day 14 - Wasted day

I slept till 12 today.. tried to wake up for breakfast but didnt want to get out of the really warm bed. Tried to get up to put in the laundry but didnt want to move away from the bed.

So i slept till twelve. and boy, i love it.

2 Weeks have actually gone. Like seeriously. Im still intact, and infact, the time is passing quite quickly.

The things i've grown fond of here are the barbequed lamb, the variety in the shopping stuff, the weather, and playing soccer. Practical lessons too.

Otherwise. Bleah. nah, im not coming here again..

Today my group of 7 people ventured into the wilderness to look for lamb sticks. and lamb sticks did we find.

Bleah, im lazy to continue a witty blog post, so youre stuck here with my factual boring "history lecture"-esque story of what i did today.

We found food, firstly, the Lamb sticks that im so fond of. If i didnt tell you before, its one of the best food here. Or not, THE BEST. (i havnt tried the damn duck tho, which is still sitting in my fridge as we contemplate how to eat it properly)

Anyway, then we split into small groups and shopped. Till 3, before we sat and ate (3 people ordered 20 dumplings for an equivalent of 1.20 Sing dollars. Whoopie. I was too filled up with lamb and 20 cent icecreams to bother eating more than 3.

So since the place wasnt interesting, i split with the group and decided to go shop in another place alone. And i loved the freedom.

I was a bit lost as it didnt look like anything in the maps, so i just went to the nearest building, and shopped, then to the next one, and the next one. Eventually rounding the large circle of malls and coming back to the same place.

Empty handed, i still had a few more minutes to go, so i walked out of the circle of malls, down to the streets at the back. Nothing much either. Oh wells.

Tired, i must have walked for miles. So i headed back to the station, then met my group at this restaurant near the hotel and watched them have dinner. I wasnt hungry yet, so i decided to take back some macdonalds. I love their chicken sandwhich..

Anyway, slept a bit on the bus back to the hotel, but it only made me more sleepy. And then here i am.. uploading photos and blogging, not really feeling any pinch despite the fact that theres a mini test tmr, and my results for my semestral exams are coming out tomorrow. hmm. bleah, im confident okays. Cept for calculus of course.

lol this pic gave me false hope.


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