Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pulling Gs.

Its been a week already. I realise i really cant keep up with posting more than once a week. hah.

Highlight of the week? Flying.

Yup, i finally flew an actual airplane. Didnt get to take off and land though (duh), but my instructor allowed me to do some maneuvers with it. For example, kicking the rudder left/right. The plane really behaves like in the Flight simulator.

But flying in an actual aircraft is nothing like flight sim at all. For one, you can actually "feel" the plane, so you can anticipate things faster, and correct whatever that crops up faster, rather than using visual cues.

Was quite nervous really, doing the radio calls and stuff. hmmm.

The weather on that day wasnt good, tons of haze and clouds. We couldnt even see the horizon, but im fortunate that the flight did not get canceled due to the weather. Singapore is soo damn small from up there, takes so little time to travel from one end to another.

Crap, my thoughts are skipping from places to places now, cant really type out some coherent post lah. Sigh.

Oh yeah! Did some Gs too. Probably pulled about +1G and 0G. It felt like a really really really fun roller coaster.I love the neg Gs, it feels like youre falling and stuff, didnt like positive gs. makes you feel heavy, and your face gets pulled down. (couldnt hold my smile, yup, i think i was smiling like an idiot in the plane) ahhh cant wait for my next flight!

Last sunday was spent with Ken Tan, you know, that TP guy. Haha, quite wasted really. It rained. Anyway, here were the following pictures taken by us.

missed a good photo op there. by the time i changed lens the rain had stopped. sian.
not really happy with the shots that day too.
hehe, i've got a thing for tricycles.
yeah, i want to be better at taking photos of people!.
i like the background.
the water is soo gta-ish.
was too lazy to wait for a couple to go there.

Missed the GO party too. Yes, this time they had booze. Not that im a huge fan of booze. Just want to see how our parties pans out when we add a little more spice. Turns out they had a ton of fun. Damn. ahhh, pls plan one thats not on saturday!

oh yeah, a bird flew onto my window sill. Apparently my mom and sis were like whistling and shit, and the bird came here curious. Taken by my mom.
they also found a little croc in the childrens playground.
threw him back in the river.

Dong seranading Sharlene. Sodomaheee!
Yup, we hung at mah house. Fun.

Pretty much it for this week. heh.


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