Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pinky The Slutty

[6:16:28 PM] Gabbs.: hey
[6:16:33 PM] Gabbs.: wanna go out?
[6:16:44 PM] Mini wang: now?
[6:17:00 PM] Mini wang: dude. im mini wang. not pinky the slutty
[6:17:40 PM] Gabbs.: pinky the slutty doesn't go out.
[6:17:42 PM] Gabbs.: mini wang does.

Yup, starting the post off by confusing you already.

Im here again. Its pitiful, seeing my blog end up as a "rarely updated" blog. Well, i have yet another excuse here. The MSTs are coming.

I have to pick up the pace. Im currently getting raped by 50% of my subjects anyway.

Brought my camera to school on Thursday cuz we had to do some IDEAS project later on in the day. So took some photos too.

Yup, the first time he showed me this, i seriously thought he whipped it out.
haha, the green shirt guy, Ives. Looks totally innocent right. NOT AT ALL.
oh god. i just had to post this. hehe
haha lewis camwhorin. Farid with the gay parapara.
Now thats a first. Farid doing actual work.
lol check out how sian wei jun is.
and how sian nat is.
thats what they do for their group discussions during oc.
helped out in sp star again. sigh, no good shots to show lah.
thats clement. haha, after some bunch of girls walked passed. he just had to get a better look.
yEAH. that. my deformed shlong. (more like my belt/ lack thereof)

Incidentally, it was also the last day that we were to use this workshop, before moving to the next one next door, so i took some pictures too. (im always afraid the teacher might kao peh me from bringing cameras into places and stuff.)

clement with the perv glasses. hahah
my work station. after i've finished with my holes.
act cute lah.
Farid in his natural environment.
with a wrench.
daisy's wrench.
yeah, try putting yr hand inside.
rimming holes and getting rimmed.
finishing the edges of the product we are making.
"even small weights like this, helps your body build muscles. its just a different type of muscle though, and always remember. drink more protein!" - lewis
Daisy, feeling the wind.

Then we went to Park Mall to complete our IDEAs project, which required us to interview/stalk people buying products and stuff.

Totally awkward cuz we went to the shop, and nobody was there cept the counter person. Yup. "we are checking out this sofa cuz it looks suitable for our project". Guess how much the sofa costs. 11K.

haha, we all look so reluctant to take photos.
g-sofa. doesnt look really comfortable right. heh.

Damn i didnt sit on it. (Daisy and Nat said it was really comfy. tsk)

There was friday. Then there was saturday. haha

Then Today. Got my second flight at 2 today. Different instructor this time, and got caught out during the after start checks cuz he did the first few checks himself really quickly. Kinda jumbled up the order of checks i had in my mind. Sigh.

Anyway, weather was really good, could see all the way to bintan. Clouds start at 3000 ft, climbed for 5ooo ft and did our air exercises.

Landing was fun, my instructor explained to me why below 2k ft the air got terbulent is because, like the water in a river, hitting a rock, it would cause the water to churn over the rock right. Same thing applies to air, though the rocks is instead, buildings and trees.

Got to really experience it when we were on final approach, where this line of trees abruptly ended,caused us to loose quite a lot of height all of a sudden. It was really fun nonetheless.

im starting to love google chrome too.

ohh left out a photo for the previous post.

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