Friday, December 11, 2009

Want some gummy bears?

Flew today. Sortie 3. What a fun experience flying can be when you get the right instructors.

We did more air exercises than normal, all the way till stalling and circuits, which would only be covered a long way away. Stalling is really fun. Like, the airplane suddenly drops out of the sky and banks quite a lot. Better than a roller coaster.

and for the first time, i was worried about bird strikes. There was a flock of small birds in the approach path of airplanes on final (going to land). Flew right into the middle of it. Damn scary.

hmmm, took a train down to dover, got some revision papers from Ting Wei, courtesy of Aric. Then got chased out of the station for drinking water. tsk. stupid rule.

Dinner at Gmoms hse was awkward. Haha, really didnt think anything through...

Yup. Awesome day. So awesome, that i even bothered to write this post in the wee hours of the morning. hmmm.

hmmmhmm gummy bears....
gosh its already 4am. fk.


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