Thursday, December 24, 2009

Two words are enough.. =)

Im starting to become less and less creative in my post titles.

Anyway, its Christmas Eve. So, what are you doing reading my blog.

Shouldnt you be out, having a life?

oh well, nevermind, at least i have comfort that there are other people like me that spend the eve of Christmas in front of their computers. heh.

hmm, i shall start off with the mini GO Party we had some days earlier.
Got off to a really late start as bus 80 was being a bitch. Ended up about 1 hr later than expected.

Went to kovan kfc, and for some reason the first thing we did to 'greet' perry and dong was to press ourselves up against the glass. Didnt have the desired effect though, cuz dong and perry didnt really notice us, but most of the other patrons in kfc did. Heh.

Ate like a bitch, or rather, gabriel ate like a bitch, then bought some stuff and went to wilsons house.

yeah, Chris is always, as the backstreet boys say "sex-wu-al".
heh. high on something.

The guys played poker all night, while i played call of duty 4 on my laptop.
freak, i realise my laptop is damn powerful and im so underusing it. Like i only use it for school stuff, and i dont even play games on it. (i usually use my house computer once i get home.)

Gabriel was watching this wet t-shirt contest earlier on, and he was totally hyped up by it. Repeatedly told us to look at him while he stretched out his damp t-shirt.
then he beckoned anyone of us to join him in his mini shrine beside wilsons bed.
and told us he accepts nets too.
chris, naturally, took up the offer, not knowing what hes getting into.
well, but i guess, in the end. he still got what he wanted.

yup, that the dark side of wilson.
i like this shot, taken by perry i think.
dong is looking weirder and weirder luh.
look at him, beaming in ecstasy.
men like me.
yup. i like vanilla.

Yeah, that, and we didnt really get wasted cuz we were too tired to drink by then.

In the morning Chris woke up and immediately started playing the gay tempo game on the psp. like, techno music luh. hahha
and dong showed me this game. like damn funny lah. dunno how to describe luh, but its damn funny, cuz its like some hardcore china boy playing the techno game damn fast. hahahaha

Tuesday was hectic, had to wake up at 6 and leave for syfc simulator training. Then after that i went to school to try to complete the ideas project. (the one where we had to make the car).

completed it quite quickly (judging by our progress compared to other groups), now its just painting that we have to complete.) Quite worried about some parts though, as it was quite thin and looked fragile.

Didnt take photos of the car though, heh. Next post i guess.

Then i had some lighting exercise for my cca later that night.
Thats Joel, Hong Yi, and RJ (from the right). Hong Yi looks damn gay luh.
well, yeah. We didnt only fiddle with lights that day.
yeah, mad bunch of hopping idiots.
brought my wide angle and my normal lens.
then i suggested bringing out all the equipment at the back of the stage to create a nice background. (cables werent plugged in and we were missing a guitar and mics as we were too lazy to go up to the moberly jam room and take the guitar from there.)
lights were really hard to control as we lost the key to programm the lights, so we had to use trial and error to find the lights that shone at the spot we wanted.
yeah, so i was happily taking my time taking photos, while the rest of them got impatient with me and did their own stuff..
who cares man, i got nice shots. haha, though i really didnt know where to position the amps and the keyboard though.
i realise im not good at positioning objects and controlling the environment. Im just good at finding the best angles to capture the place in a photo.
i really like the backdrop. Its not as nice in real life but when the lighting is correct, it becomes really beautiful.
the drums were hastily set up. heh. too lazy lah.
took a lot of tries to get it right. had to run up and down multiple times cuz we didnt have help in taking this photo (timer mode and tripod ftw?)

Yup. Pretty much it for that day. Totally shagged too.

Yesterday, i went out with Aric and Wei Jun to do our Oral Communications project. Well, if u havnt already known, we decided to do a topic on the sewage system. Hah. heah.

Anyway, woke up really late that day, then rushed to tanah merah and ran for the shuttle bus. Damn wei jun made me think that the bus was waiting for me and made me run like a bitch.

Turns out that i had 3 mins more and the bus only contained aric and wj and nobody else. tsk.

Reached there and there was a whole bunch of people from Myanmar or something that were also visiting. Totally weird cuz the guide assumed everyone was from another country and it was super awkward for us to be around.

looks familiar huh.
thats whats inside. really small tubes that have small pores at the sides that filters water)
and the reverse osmosis thing that filters at a molecular level.
and finally, just incase some bad stuff gets through, the uv rays kills the rest of it all.
yeah that guy. really really nice guy.
haha. look so weird. didnt know where to put my hand luh.

Got some good info though, and must really thank that new water guide cuz he was nice enough to show us around AGAIN, cuz we asked him about the sewage stuff.

It was still early, so we went to marina barrage and see if we could get more info.

Nope. pretty much wasted our time there. So we went to marina square to have lunch, before going to get gifts for people for christmas.

Shopping with Wei jun and Aric is like totally cool luh, cuz one of them behaves like a kid (a cute and easily excitable one), and the other one is the male version of a female shopper luh.(aric is super style luh, dont know how to describe it in less beng words so. yeah)
yup. wj is such a kid lah.
pftt, this is so becoming some camwhore blog. :(

Re-lived our childhood in toys-r-us and complained about how pampered children of the modern world are.

Splurged 50 on myself for a small rc-helicopter. Heh. thats so unlike me luh. oh well. guess i wont buy any games this month too..


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