Monday, July 6, 2009

Like in the good old days.

So, Daniel is back from Australia.

Agreed upon the usual arrangement. 9am. His house. Drag him out of bed. read the news while he sips his stupid tea.

Will never get tired of it though. hahah.

Though this time, i woke at 10am and quickly cycled over as they were going for his brothers schools fund raiser. Got there and then quickly left for his brothers school, which was St Pats.

It was totally cool lah, with the exception that it was an all guys school, and it was Saturday, which ment our original plan to sneak over to the nearby CHIJ was in tatters, and that i lugged my long lens over for nothing. :D

Anyway, it was cool cuz we got back to what marists usually do when they meet up again. Complain that our school sucks more than some other school. Yup.

They had trampoline bungie things, large blow up slides, those bubble thing that you get into and tumble around, some kiddy go kart, a small "pirate ship" ride and junk like that.

Compared to what our school had, which was only some lousy pool and a teacher perched precariously over the water. damn brother anthony.

Wasted time there taking pictures of the very few girls down there (with that white lens its super obvious. hahaha) Did that as Jason (Daniels brother) stole all our coupons.

After jason spent all our money, their mom brought us to the SSC (singapore swimming club) as she couldnt stand daniels long hair. Hahahahahahah enjoyed every bit of it.

for some reason their lives just revolves around the ssc.

Daniel is not going to cut his hair.

Jason threatens him with a call to his mom..

all attempts to escape has failed.

and jason is rejoicing.

Yup. Enjoyment.

Contemplating his new hair.

Spammed the guitar for 2 hrs at his house before going with his family to some citi bank durian party. The durian and the lychee they had there was really good.

Why not u go check up on that guy there glen..

ooo.. nice catch.

and lookie here, i've got an unaware photographer...


the long queue for durians.

uh. boring party. more like a dinner.

Left after that and cycled over to the singapore flyer alone.
Snapped a few pictures and met this malay guy who was really cool.

Talked to him for the whole time i was there and learnt that he used to work for SIA doing maintainence on the commercial jets there. Really cool as he told me about the random maintainence junk they do there.

Graeme dreams of this. a contingent of men marching towards him..

ill just hammer on my sonnor. (in a gay voice)

there like thinking "shit theres a hot dude marching infront of me"

is that socks?

Can even see the guy in the window.

the apaches doing some arial man-o-vures (and graeme would hang on these few words.)

Apparently he cycles from tampines all the way there to watch the NDP planes stuff. Really cool that.

Took some really cool pictures too. Buying that lens had never been a mistake man. and i doubt it will, ever.


yup, you can even see the guys in the cockpits. (and graeme would have trouble concentrating again)

Wet man. Graeme likes.

i really like this picture.

it looks nicer here than in real life.


and the jets arrive.


its almost as long as the plane.

graeme would love to be there. Wet man in rubber suits crammed aboard a rubber boat as the darkness descends.

Went home after that, and slacked at home for the rest of the day, even though i promised myself to do work.

Ok, this post is a little late, but at least its 1 down. i still have a backlog of posts to post. damn.

And Gabriel and his group pulled out of bandAGE09. 2 of his mates had gotten H1N1. Hahaha. and gabriel is having a flu.totally cool lar.


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