Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And all the Belated Happy Birthdays...

Haha, yeah, im really sorry guys.

So here goes.

Happy Belated 17th Birthday Chris. (i think your present is still at wilsons house)

Happy Belated 17th Birthday Jia Liang. (You havnt took your present from wilsons house yet)

And last of all...

Happy Belated 21th Birthday to my dearest sis! (and Graemes present for you is still at wilsons house).


Finally cleared that up. Pictures and more will be posted much later, as i have exams until next wednesday.

Also, for those who still dont know. Daniel is BACK from Australia! yay!

So thats the end to this small update, and i wish you luck for your remaining exams!

a little something that i took today.


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