Friday, March 5, 2010

End of Exams.

Its the end of exams, and of course, the season for GO parties.

Anyway, just to set the mood first, some gay themed china performance seen in Vivo while out with sharlene during one of the days.. but since i was being totally flaccid, i took lousy photos and instead, im gonna post photos that i didnt post up last time..

that was new years..
tried to get the background as nice as possible..
vivo, another day..

alright, heres the mood setter though. it started off well enough, you know, some china cultural performance or something,
but then this started happening and well.. the crowd came in
just nasty right..

Alright, now the exams are finally over, but i still have syfc to fly for. Syfc is getting quite critical now, no major screw ups are allowed.

Im doing circuits now, which means taking off and landing, repeatedly. Its tiring, and its hot, like sitting in a slow moving car in the hot sun without airconditioning.

I come back all sweaty and tired, but well, its fun i guess, the landing parts especially.

Right got carried away, anyway, i spent wednesday with sharlene in city square and watched the book of Eli.

hmm okish show really, the knife scenes are nice though.

Walked around and sharlene bought me a pair of jeans, then she went home and i went to the GO parteh at Wilsons house.

Well, they were planning something to disturb dong since we hadnt did his birthday party. I arrived very late because i went home and bathed first before arriving.

Chris took videos, and i think dong took some pictures too, which, Weirdly, he wasnt really enjoying it, just trying to capture everything on his ipod. Well heck, the rest of us still enjoyed it eh.. heh..

Oh yeah, poor wilson.. Got his mind raped so hard.

this is what i came into.. (no pun intended)
wilson looks really comfortable
aww u know whats coming..
Ill just sit here, and be the biscuit.
yes, the bean bag orgy. Its tradition.


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